Jeremy Sochan NBA Pre-Draft Timeline: What the Web is Saying -

Jeremy Sochan NBA Pre-Draft Timeline: What the Web is Saying

It’s been 12 years since our first NBA Pre-Draft timeline, when a certain Ryan Richards was preparing to get selected in the second round by San Antonio.

It is hard to believe it has taken another 12 years before our next one, as, in 2022, Jeremy Sochan is about to become the next homegrown Brit to hear his name called, being a projected lottery pick on most NBA mock drafts.

Sochan was born in the US, but moved to Southampton at the age of three, moving to Milton Keynes at 7 – where he played for the Trojans until 2019 – returning to Solent for the 2018-19 season, where he played with the Kestrels and Itchen in the EABL. Sochan moved to La Lumiere High School in the US where he became nationally ranked, before returning to Europe to play in Germany with Ratiopharm Ulm and their feeder team Orange Academy.

From there, he committed to Baylor where he his reputation has only grown this season.

Sochan averaged 9.2 points, 6.4 rebounds and 1.8 assists in 25 minutes per game this season while helping Baylor to a 27-7 record, a Big 12 Championship and a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament, while being named Big 12 6th Man of the Year.

Considered one of the best defenders in all of college basketball this season, he will be one of the youngest players in the draft, which is set to happen June 23 in Brooklyn. He turned 19 on Friday 20th May.

Stay updated with his how journey to the NBA is unfolding with our pre-draft timeline:

Jeremy Sochan NBA Pre-Draft Timeline

April 15th

Jeremy officially declares for the NBA draft, as first reported by ESPN.

He posts a montage to his social media of his journey so far, making it official he will forgo his remaining college eligibility to hire an agent and enter the NBA.

Tuesday 17th May

The NBA Draft Lottery takes place, with Orlando Magic winning the number 1 overall pick, and now for the first time mock drafts can be updated based on team needs/wants.



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Wednesday 18th May

The world’s foremost NBA Draft expert, ESPN’s Jonathan Givony, releases their updated mock draft following the lottery, and has Sochan going number 18 to Chicago.

He identifies Sochan’s age as a factor in the attraction for teams, being one of the youngest players in the draft.

“Sochan brings some different dimensions for a team that could be attracted to his ability to defend all over the floor, pass the ball effectively and slide up or down positions depending on the matchup. He has plenty of upside to grow into at 18 years old.”

The Athletic identify Jeremy Sochan as a potential for the New Orleans Pelicans with the 8th pick.

“Many scouts will fall in love with Sochan during the draft process because he fits in so well with the modern NBA. He’s got great size at the forward position (6 foot 9, 230 pounds), can defend multiple positions and plays unselfish basketball.”

Friday 20th May

Fittingly, on his 19th birthday, Sochan turns heads at the NBA Combine in Chicago, being put through a series of workouts in front of scouts and NBA decision makers.

Despite not taking part in any 5 on 5, he impressed through his individual workout.

Additionally, he is interviewed by a number of media, who began to publish stories about him and where he might fit.

Jeremy Sochan NBA Draft Combine Interview

It was revealed he had done an interview with San Antonio Spurs – who pick at number 9 – and was proclaimed a ‘cultural fit’ for the team who are known for their international picks.

Calling himself a “citizen of the world,” Sochan indicated he wouldn’t mind having his name added to the long list of Spurs players with international ties, a roster headed by the legendary Big Three of Tim Duncan (U.S. Virgin Islands), Tony Parker (France) and Ginobili (Argentina).

“I am Polish, English, American, a mixture,” said Sochan, who turned 19 on Friday.

News Day’s Steve Popper said Sochan “was one of the most social of the prospects and players, open and interesting in media sessions. Even though he wasn’t playing in the scrimmages, he was a fixture through some of the games, standing on the sideline, cheering and joking with other players.”

Sochan, known for sporting various different colour hairstyles throughout the season at Baylor, also revealed we’d be in for a surprise on draft night:

Legendary Chicago writer Sam Smith lists Sochan as a potential pick for the Bulls, who pick at number 18.

The New York Post identifies Sochan as a perfect fit for the Knicks with Tom Thibodeau at number 11.

Sochan believes himself to be the best defender in the draft:

“I think so, for my size, my length, the ability to switch 1 through 5 on the ball and also the off-the-ball defense. Being a communicator, being loud, a little bit scrappy, that makes me the best defender.”

It was also added in the article that “Seth Greenberg, the ESPN college basketball guru, told The Post earlier this month Sochan should be the Knicks’ pick if he’s available at No. 11.”

“I really like Sochan,” Greenberg told The Post at the time. “The size, skill, versatility, development and he’s got an edge to him. They’re going to have to decide what they’re going to do with RJ Barrett. Sochan has a versatility about him and a monster, monster upside as a 3-4 combo. With all the hassle with Julius, where’s their depth at that position?

“[Sochan] can shoot the ball and is a very good passer. He rebounds his position. His upside is great. He can put it on the floor with skill, has a pretty release. Just a really good feel for a young player and a competitive spirit that I really like. He’s a legit 6-9 player that has a floor game and plays multiple positions. He can step out and shoot, beat you off the bounce. He’s a guy who I think is really undervalued.”

USA Today put Sochan at number 8 to the New Orleans Pelicans in their latest mock draft, saying he “would likely be taking the best available player at this point.”

CBS Sports has him going number 9 to San Antonio, saying “Assuming he improves on the 29.6% 3-point mark he posted in one season at Baylor, Sochan should play in the league for a long time.”

Sunday May 22nd

It was revealed that Sochan was interviewed by Sacramento Kings, who have the fourth pick, in Chicago.

The Athletic’s David Aldridge did an in-depth feature on Jeremy’s workout. He said:

It’s not yet guaranteed that Sochan will go top 10; some teams still have him ranked in the mid-teens. But he’s definitely a top-half-of-the-first-round guy now. He has what the NBA wants in modern-day wing defenders. Switchability. Length. Great feet.

Also revealing Sochan was interviewed by the Knicks, Alridge spoke of Sochan’s workout and how it was received by NBA execs.

“The stuff that he’s really good at — defending, running the floor, getting up on screen-and-rolls — he’s not going to do that here,” a veteran personnel man in attendance said. “But this shows us how much he’s worked on his shot.”

And “He looked really good to me,” another team executive said Saturday.

Additionally, Blazers Edge spoke about the potential for Sochan to land in Portland.

If everything goes right, Sochan is a starter on a championship team averaging 16 points, 8 boards, 2-3 assists, and a steal while defending the opposing team’s best wing as a small-ball four. Or something like that. He’ll bring a toughness and grit that is necessary and suited for playoff basketball and will elevate the play of the star players around him. I think all-star is a bit above his ceiling, but he could appear on an all-defensive team one day.

Interestingly, the nearest player comparison the writer pulled was another British player who went at number 7, Luol Deng.

5. What do you think is Sochan’s likeliest career trajectory in the NBA? Is there an NBA player he reminds you of?

As I was looking at a list of previous No. 7 picks, the name Luol Deng stood out to me. Sochan is an inch taller and 10 pounds heavier than Deng was at Duke, but they have some comparable stat lines as college players, though Deng was certainly more of a feature at Duke than Sochan was at Baylor. Beyond stats and physical profile, though, I think Sochan and Deng play with a similar mentality. Put it this way: if Sochan ever ends up playing for Tom Thibodeau, he might average 40 minutes a game. He’s just got that grinding, reliable style that coaches of Thib’s type will love. Sochan’s also got the same versatility that Deng displayed playing for the Bulls. And if the Trailblazers were to end up with Luol Deng 2.0 to finally fill the gap at the wing that’s plagued them since the Nic Batum era ended in Portland, I think they’d be thrilled with that.

Monday May 23rd

The Athletic writes a piece that points to an NBA executive that doesn’t see Sochan falling below the 12th pick, and talks about his growing popularity:

Jeremy Sochan was already a likely lottery pick, but talks with NBA executives revealed just how popular he is. The versatile Baylor forward, intriguing for his length and defensive skill, is considered likely to be gone by the late lottery, according to several NBA executives. One team executive put his floor at the No. 12 pick. The New Orleans Pelicans and Denver Nuggets are believed to have interest in Sochan, while the San Antonio Spurs are considered a strong fit for him. wrote an in-depth piece about the Pelicans potential to take Sochan at 8 and believes he could end up being one of the best players in his class if he can improve his jumpshot:

The 6-9, 230-pound Sochan is someone who relishes contact near the basket and is quick enough to defend perimeter players. Many talent evaluators believe Sochan’s mixture of size, intensity and smarts make him a prospect who is unlikely to fail at the next level and that if his jump shot improves, he could become one of the best players in this class.

Wednesday 23rd May

Talking Points Sports says “If Sochan were anywhere close to being even just a 36% three-point shooter, he would be a top-5 pick without a doubt,” as they examine 5 of the top prospects in the draft.

The Oklahoman looks at Sochan and other potential options for the OKC Thunder’s picks at 2 and 12, saying “scouts see massive defensive upside,” in Jeremy.

Thursday 24th May

Cavs Nation looks at what Sochan could give Cleveland with the number 14 pick.

“If Jeremy Sochan can translate his offensive game to the NBA in the same way that so many other big, strong, skilled wing have, then he could give JB Bickerstaff the best of both worlds on the wing. Giving the team a spicy new twist to their young core. The Cavs’ don’t NEED another high-level player added to this team to see success. So why not take a risk on an upside swing?”

Fan site Pippen Ain’t Easy talks about Sochan going to Chicago but believes he will be off the board by 18.

“Of all the projected picks the Bulls may make in these mock drafts, Jeremy Sochan might be my personal favorite…Due to his style of play, Sochan has drawn comparisons to being a Draymond-lite, a type of player who is extremely valuable in today’s NBA. Chicago has even witnessed (firsthand) the massive impact these types of elite role players can make with Alex Caruso’s stellar play this season.

Unfortunately, I believe this will make Sochan too desirable of a prospect and he will likely be off the board well before Chicago’s No. 18 selection rolls around.”

Saturday 26th May

NBC Sports boldly exclaims that “Jeremy Sochan could transform the Wizards defense“. Washington have the tenth pick.

The Knicks Wall says Sochan is the most versatile player in the NBA draft.

Sunday 29th May

Fan site 8 points, 9 seconds, looks at Sochan for the Pacers with the number six pick.

Monday May 30th

Sports Illustrated’s Fan Nation looks at Sochan as a suitor for the Hawks with the 16th pick.

“One of the most versatile prospects in the 2022 NBA Draft, the Baylor product is a great defensive piece who can play all frontcourt positions effectively while serving as a playmaking hub in spurts.”

The Reporter has Sochan going number 10 to Washington in their mock draft.

Tuesday May 31st

The Orlando Sentinel does a profile on Sochan – they have the Nos. 1, 32 and 35 picks in the NBA draft.

Thursday 2nd June

Grizzly Bear Blues examines whether Memphis – who have the 22nd and 29th pick – could trade up for Sochan, and say they don’t see him dropping below 16 to Atlanta.

“The question now is, how high do the Grizzlies need to trade up? Sochan’s range likely starts with Portland at 7, and his floor is Atlanta at 16. A sweet spot for a trade-up could be New York at 11.”

Friday 3rd June

USA Today grab an interview with Sochan. He speaks about celebrating his birthday at the NBA draft combine, being one of the best interviews, and having an international background, while also responding to the criticism about his jumpshot:

“It’s interesting when people say I won’t be able to shoot at the next level or my free-throw percentage isn’t going to get better. That really is underestimating me. My midrange was better, which projects I won’t be a bad shooter. It kind of excites me and makes me smile to prove people wrong that I can shoot and that I can be that offensive threat.”

He is also scheduled to have a workout with the OKC Thunder on Saturday.

On a recent episode of Topic: Thunder, Bleacher reports Jake Fischer mentioned there is talk around the league that general manager Sam Presti and Oklahoma City could be looking to trade up for Sochan, should he be taken before No. 12.

Monday 6th June

Sochan discusses his workout with the Thunder, talking to The Oklahoman.

“During that whole process I had dinner with Sam Presti and talked a lot with Coach Mark (Daigneault),” Sochan said.

Sochan said he was put through a gauntlet of individual drills.

“They got after me,” he said. “I think they tried to challenge me mentally — get me tired and see how I can show resilience, see how I can play through fatigue and pressure. I think in general it was great for me, and I think for them as well to see my resilience and that I can work through tough moments.”

Sports Illustrated fan site has the Spurs selecting Sochan with the ninth pick.

SB Nation’s Indy Cornrows does an in depth analysis of Sochan’s game.

Wednesday 8th June

Finally some British press pick up the story, with Milton Keynes’ MK Citizen running a story, paying ode to the club he started at, MK Trojans.

NBA Chicago looks at Sochan as a fit for the Bulls with the 18th pick, though admit he will likely be gone by then:

“Few players have improved their stock as much as Sochan has, so there’s a good chance he’s gone before the 18th pick. Still, his range in mock drafts is wide — from top-10 to low teens. If he’s in play, he’s easy to envision as a plug-and-play defender because of his size, tenacity and ability to guard multiple positions.”

Thursday 9th June

Hoopsfix release a 15 minute podcast with Sochan, opening it up to questions from fans, as he discusses his nationality, how the draft process has been, and what advice he would give to younger British players:

Indiana Pacers’ website release an official brief draft prospect profile of Jeremy.

SI’s All Hornets fan site looks at Sochan as a fit with Charlotte.

Sunday 12th June

Pelicans Scoop reveal Sochan is set to workout for New Orleans, while he missed his workout with the Indiana Pacers due to a flight issue.

Monday 13th June

Draft Express reveal Jeremy Sochan has received a Green room invite, reserved for players most likely to be selected in the lottery:

Jason Anderson of the Sacramento Bee reports Sochan worked out with the Sacramento Kings.

San Antonio Express News does a draft profile on Jeremy, saying:

“If the Spurs want Sochan, they might have to pull the trigger at No. 9.

He almost certainly will not be available when they pick again at No. 20.”

The NCAA releases Jeremy Sochan’s March Madness highlights:

Spurs Talk profiles Sochan, saying:

“One of the most glaring holes in the San Antonio Spurs current roster is the lack of a defensive power forward. For a franchise that enjoyed Tim Duncan for a couple decades, that’s a jarring departure from the past. If the Spurs want to fill that void, picking Jeremy Sochan in the 2022 NBA Draft with their ninth overall selection would make the most sense.”

Wednesday 15th June

At The Hive analyses Sochan for the Hornets, while Locked On Baylor podcast ask the question if he could go as high as six to Indiana.

Some clips from Jeremy’s workout with Sacramento:

Thursday 16th June

The Oregonian reports Jeremy was spotted in Portland and discusses him as a target for the Blazers at 7:

Before the Portland Trail Blazers workout session ended Wednesday at the team’s practice facility, a tall man with blonde hair could be seen exiting the building and entering a car.

Baylor power forward Jeremy Sochan, whose golden-colored head is tough to miss, had left the building a bit early.

But, he did appear at the facility, a sign that the Blazers at the very least are intrigued by the 6-foot-9 versatile big man.

Sochan (pronounced SO-han) is a name that has been rising up draft boards for some time, but it remains unclear as to where he is likely to land.’s consensus mock draft has him going 12th to Oklahoma City. Of the 12 mock drafts used to create that list, only The Athletic’s has Sochan going No. 7 to the Blazers. The other 11 have him going at an average of about ninth.

The Dream Shake looks at Sochan to go to Houston with the 17th pick, saying:

“As the youngest of the three prospects here, Sochan quite possibly possesses the highest upside. At 6’9” and 230 pounds, the fleet-footed Sochan already has the ideal NBA frame and should be able to guard a multitude of players much like how the Denver Nuggets deploy Aaron Gordon.”

Friday 17th June

247 sports takes a look at the top 10 of all the mock drafts in one article, as Jeremy appears most frequently at 10 to Washington. asks “Will Jeremy Sochan’s intoxicating versatility cause Cleveland Cavaliers to overlook positional fit?”, saying he is “dripping with potential.”

Sunday 19th June

SLC Dunk says “the Utah Jazz would be wise to trade up for Sochan”.

“Jeremy Sochan comes into the 2022 NBA draft as one of the most interesting prospects on the board. Sochan is a 19-year-old, long, 6’9 wing that looks like he was created in a lab to be an NBA defender. He was a big part of another impressive Baylor season and when you dig into his game, you can see why. His ability to do it all makes him a versatile prospect that has the potential to be the type of player that be the glue for a championship contender. High praise? Absolutely, but here’s why I think he has a chance to be one of the best players in this draft.”

Monday 20th June

Sochan reveals he has strained his hamstring so did not work out with Washington Wizards too much, just some light individuals, and Hoop District releases this nice 10 minute interview. He says Cleveland is the lowest pick team he has visited – they have the 14th pick.

Tuesday 21st June

Sochan does a media session from New York with a number of outlets, and says he has worked out for OKC, San Antonio, Sacramento, New Orleans, Cleveland, Washington and a zoom call with Indiana when his flight got cancelled.

Peach Tree Hoops does a draft profile on Jeremy for the Hawks,

NBA Europe releases this prospect profile video on Jeremy:

The Athletic releases this in depth feature, focusing on his style and love of defence, while he also emphasises being able to play multiple positions:

“I don’t put one position in my name,” he said. “Because I feel like I can do everything that a point guard can do and everything that a centre can do on offence, but also on defence.”

He also makes it clear his feet are firmly on the ground.

“I think self-awareness is important,” he added. “And just being realistic. I’m going to be a rookie, I’m going to go to the team (that) has some established players already in that organisation and coaches. You really have to mold into that organisation in a right way, in a positive way. And that’s just being a sponge. And I think as time goes, people will know and understand that I can be that guy. I can be that main guy. So it’s just a matter of time.”

USA Today also release a feature talking about Sochan's global life experience, while Jeremy spoke about where he wants to get drafted.

“For me, it's just getting drafted to the right situation,” he said. “But on the other hand, you can't control the draft or what happens on draft night and you can only control yourself. So wherever I get drafted all I know is I'm going to work hard and get myself better every day and then also help the people around me get better. So just being able to stay in the present is important for me.”

Wednesday 22nd June

The British press finally pick it up after Jeremy does a media call with over 42 members on it from across the world.

The BBC do this feature on Jeremy, The Sun call him the British Dennis Rodman, Sky Sports says he leads the list of international hopefuls, ITV looks at the Milton Keynes prospect, while The Times focus on his potential $3m salary.

He said:

“It means so much for me and there is no one else in the league from England or Poland. Being an inspiration and a presence for them will be really exciting for me.

"I think I'm going to be able to help others and I'm really excited to do things in those countries as well."

Jonathan Givony of ESPN's Draft Express releases his updated mock draft - by far the most accurate source of draft selection predictions, and has Jeremy going number 13 to Charlotte. He said:

"Rival teams don't expect the Hornets to hold onto both of their mid first-round picks -- adding two rookies in need of minutes and patience might not be the most attractive proposition for a team that just fired its head coach after failing to advance past the play-in game. Regardless of who is making this pick, Sochan is likely to come off the board right in this range as most teams have him graded as a late lottery-level talent, with some even having him firmly in the top 10. Sochan brings several different dimensions with his ability to defend all over the floor, pass the ball effectively and slide up or down positions depending on the matchup, while also possessing plenty of upside to grow into having just turned 19. His feel for the game, versatility and competitiveness gives him a very high floor as well."

Thursday 23rd June

Jeremy is selected by the San Antonio Spurs with the 9th pick in the 2022 NBA Draft.

ITV covers the news.

Friday 24th June

CBS Sports looks into 'The wonderful world of Sochan' and his unique path to the Spurs.

Basket News does a deeper dive into who Jeremy Sochan is, talking to family members.

Saturday 25th June

San Antonio Express News takes a deeper look at Sochan.

“Jeremy is a guy who Pop would want to go to dinner with, because he offers something to the discussion,” Baylor coach Scott Drew said. “And it comes from somebody that sounds like he is 35 years old instead of 19.”

Sunday 26th June

Spurs legend Manu Ginobili shouts out Jeremy saying he needs help picking his Hall of Fame outfit.

Monday 27th June

The Daily Echo covers the former Itchen college player getting drafted.

Spurs GM Brian Wright says Jeremy reminds him of Boris Diaw.

“You look historically with the guys that we’ve had here. He kinda reminded me a little bit of Boris, just kinda worldly. His interests and hearing about how he thinks about basketball, but life outside of basketball, really lined up with what we kinda hoped to be and what we hoped the environment and culture to be. So we think he’s going to add to us both on and off the court.”

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