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HASC16: Under-17’s Game

2016 Under-17’s game (#2)

Sunday 05 June 2016, Brixton Rec

Result: Team Black 93-73 Team White
MVP: Zion Tordoff (18 points, 7-11 FG, 6 rebounds, 4 steals)

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Team Black: Micah Savery-Richards (1), Cameron Bett (3), Josh Edwards (5), Eisley Swaine (8), Micheal Anumba (9), Brian Amabilno (11), Josh Ogundele (13), Zion Tordoff (15), Sesan Russell (25), Hosana Kitenge (35), Joe Cummins (44) . Head Coach: Steve Bucknall.

Team White: Alex Roberts (2), Caleb Fuller (3), Daniel Agoro (7), Adria Amabilino (8), Kaiyem Cleary (9), Richard Amaefule (10), D Adenuga (11), Kayne Henry (13), Ashley Briggs (15), Tariq Balogun (23), Jacob Round (34). Head Coach: Karl Brown.

Full game:

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