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HASC19: Class of 2019 Game

2019 Class of 2019 Game (#2)

Sunday 02 June 2019, Brixton Rec

Result: Team Black 67-62 Team White
MVP: Mate Okros (16 points, 4 rebounds, 3 steals)

Report, Box score, Album


Team Black: Elias Poorman (6), Mate Okros (7), Robin Bedford (8), Jonathan Brown (9), Sam Keita (18), Wesley Oba (24), Hosana Kitenge (35), Matt Hughes (45), Conroy Hayden (77). Head Coach: Steve Hansell.

Team White: Nathaniel Powell (0), Rhys Sundimalt (4), Niall Harris (6), Zak-Blue Shagourie (7), Patrick Lanipekun (9), Ade Adebayo (11), Aaron Badibo (12), Abdul Wurie (14), Milo Gordon (22), Peter Turay (24), Pierce Maslen (30), Joe Bielak (47). Head Coach: Rob Paternostro.

NOTE: Callan Low and Arinze Emeka-Anyakwo were both selected for Team Black, but unable to play due to injury.

Full game:

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