Preparing to be the next Brit in the NBA – with Jeremy Sochan – Ep. 108 -

Preparing to be the next Brit in the NBA – with Jeremy Sochan – Ep. 108

With less than 2 weeks until the NBA draft, we sit down with projected lottery pick Jeremy Sochan to discuss how his preparation is going and ask him questions submitted from the fans via our Instagram page.

Sochan is set to become the first Brit drafted since Ryan Richards in 2010, and only the second to go in the lottery, following on from Luol Deng.

The former MK Trojan and Solent Kestrel left the UK at 16 to attend La Lumiere High School before returning to Europe to play in Germany at OrangeAcademy. From there he signed with Baylor where he has risen draft boards over the course of the season – winning a Big 12 title and being named Sixth Man of the Year – to become a projected lottery pick on June 23rd.

In this 15 minute interview we spoke about how the draft process has been and answered questions for Jeremy from fans via our Instagram page.

You can keep up to date with his draft progress with our official Jeremy Sochan NBA pre-draft timeline.


00:00 Intro
03:21 Interview start
03:45 What the last 8 weeks have been like since declaring
04:28 When he knew he was going to declare for the draft
05:26 What a typical day looks like for Jeremy at the moment
06:30 How is he feeling about it all
07:22 His own assessment on his game
08:15 Dealing with internet trolls
10:09 Biggest thing he’s learned from his journey to the draft
10:59 Which coach has had the biggest impact on his game
11:21 When he was at Itchen did he think he would make the NBA
11:43 Best players he played against in England
12:24 What colour is he going to dye his hair next
12:40 Does he consider himself British, American or Polish
13:16 Who he wants to dunk on the most
13:29 How many pairs of basketball shoes he owns and favourite brand
13:46 Who he would compare his game to in the NBA
14:17 Does he remember the MK Trojans
14:45 Was going to the Solent Kestrels the right move for him
15:13 What is he most excited about
15:42 Approaching the financial side of things with NBA money
16:29 Would he consider owning an AAU team
17:10 What advice he would give to the next young player from the UK

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