Mass exodus from BBL board following terminated license -

Mass exodus from BBL board following terminated license

British Basketball League BBL

Caledonia Gladiators owner Steve Timoney and Bristol Flyers CEO Lisa Knights are the latest resignations from the British Basketball League board, as they become the fourth and fifth directors to resign in the past month.

Timoney and Knights – both club representatives on the board – join former Chair Sir Rodney Walker, Charles Lord and Simon Brown, who were non-executive independent directors and left at the end of May.

It comes following the British Basketball League’s operating license being terminated by the British Basketball Federation last Friday, and could be indicating the clubs are beginning the process of breaking away from Basketball League Ltd (BLL) – the company that owns and operates the BBL – to set up a new entity.

It leaves just three members of 777 Partners left on the board of BLL; Lenz Balan, Josh Wander and Adam Weiss.

It is believed that since the departure of the independent directors, the board is non-functioning and without ‘quorum’ – referring to the minimum number of present members to be able to conduct business.

A quorum for board meeting is essential in safeguarding the integrity of the decision-making process and good governance.

A statement released by Gladiators about Timoney’s resignation read as follows:

After weeks of immense efforts to persuade the BBL Board of the best possible steps forward, no agreement was reached and as such, Timoney has taken the decision to resign from his role as Board Director.

As part of his resignation, Timoney has underlined his commitment to work with other clubs and co-operate with the British Basketball Federation to ensure the future of professional basketball in Britain and seek to rebuild and strengthen the position of the sport.

Mr Timoney stated: “There is no more I can do to ensure compliance with my duties as a director, acting in the interest of our creditors and representing our clubs.

“My immediate resignation allows me to now properly engage with my fellow clubs in order to support professional basketball and our businesses.”

As part of the announcement, Timoney underlined his backing of the joint statement issued by clubs earlier this month.

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