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HASC15: Under-17’s Game

2015 Under-17’s Game (#1)

Saturday 23 May 2015, Brixton Rec

Result: Team Black 89-100 Team White
MVP: Gedi Juozapaitis (20 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists)

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Team Black: Thai Segwai-Lodge (1), Kemar Hawes (6), Evan Walshe (7), Dom Scott-Robinson (8), Kaiyem Cleary (9), RJ Etyle-Rock (10), Ashley Briggs (15), Zion Tordoff (23), Sam Van Oostrum (30), Jonny Hall (55). Head Coach: Junior Williams.

Team White: Jacob Iwowo (2), Luke Mitchell (6), Micah Savery-Richards (8), Caleb Fuller (10), Jelani Watson-Gayle (11), Gedi Juozapaitis (13), Henri Langton (14), Josh Edwards (15), Tariq Balogun (23), Ryan Murunge (35). Head Coach: Ronnie Baker.

Full game:

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