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About Hoopsfix
Hoopsfix was officially launched January 1st 2010. Since then, its traffic has grown to 30,000 unique visitors a month, with over 9000 subscribers across all platforms and has had articles or videos featured online at ESPN (TV broadcast aswell), BBC South East (TV), Sports Illustrated, SLAM Online, Dime Magazine, World Star Hip Hop and in the Wall Street Journal to name a few.

Hoopsfix has become the number one authority online for British basketball, followed by not only British basketball fans and players but a number of other international basketball websites and writers. With a focus on, but not limited to, British basketball prospects, you will find daily news, video, article, interview and feature updates, giving UK hoops junkies a daily fix of British basketball.

About Me
Sam Neter HoopsfixMy name is Sam Neter and I am the man behind Hoopsfix. Now considered a British basketball journalist, I was brought up on the courts of Eastbourne, East Sussex, playing for the now defunct South Coast Dreams in the Local league, before moving up to London in 2005 to study at Brunel University playing for the 2nd team throughout my 3 years there (making an appearance for the 1st’s at BUSA Finals ’08).

As you can see, it got to the point I realised I was probably better off the court than on it!

As anyone who has ever stepped foot on a British basketball court knows, coverage of the Basketball scene in the U.K. is almost non-existent. With Hoopsfix I am trying to change all of that, and hope that by the time I’m done the coverage and exposure the game gets in this country will have permanently changed for the better.

I started the website under the name Ball Don’t Brawl in late 2009 with slightly different plans for it, but I quickly realised what a need there was for something like that of which Hoopsfix is today.

Over the past few years, I have travelled up and down the country, had many a cold night on the street after missing last trains home, or in the back of my car in a random car park somewhere and spent pretty much every spare penny I have on building up Hoopsfix to where it is today.

It has not been easy, but slowly it is getting there. I appreciate all the support people have given me-with very little financial return on what I do, it is the many kind words in emails and comments I have been sent that make it all worth it.

Since going full time in 2012, through a mixture of consultancy work, merchandise and advertising, I am continually trying to grow the site. We had our first event in 2014, the Hoopsfix All Star Classic – a British basketball talent showcase, and have since done that annually,

The plan eventually is to employ people, but as you can understand, these things take time!

Please continue to support the site as you have been and help me prove to the rest of the UK that British basketball is worth investing in!

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Contact Me
If you want to get in touch with me for any reason, I’d suggest dropping me an @reply on my Twitter, alternatively email me using the form on the contact page, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Back British Basketball Campaign
Off the back of my work with Hoopsfix, in April 2010 I was approached by an integrated advertising agency in central London Albion London to work on a project to promote the GB National teams in conjunction with British Performance Basketball.  ‘Back British Basketball’ was launched at the end of June, and captivated the British basketball community. In a little over two months, the campaign  achieved over 4000 subscribers across all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), received over 60k upload views on Youtube, was featured in National and international newspapers and websites, got an interview slot on Channel 4 and was responsible for not only an awareness around Team GB that had never been seen before, but the loudest crowds ever seen at GB home games.