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HASC14: Under-26’s Game

2014 Under-26’s game (#1)

Sunday 15 June 2014, Brunel University

Result: Team Black 85-87 Team White
MVP: Matthew Bryan-Amaning (28 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals)

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Team Black: Caylin Raftopoulos (4), Devan Bailey (9), Will Hall (11), Orlan Jackman (13), Rob Gilchrist (14), Jamell Anderson (21), Alex Scotland-Williamson (25), Zak Wells (32), Joe Junior Mvuezolo (35), Levi Noel (47), Dan Clark (88). Head Coach: Marc Steutel.

Team White: Myles Hesson (5), John Stewart (6), Elvisi Dusha (9), Matthew Bryan-Amaning (11), Kalil Irving (12), Raheem May-Thompson (13), Allie Fullah (15), Louis Sayers (22), Lee Greenan (32), Bode Adeluola (55), Lewis Champion (93). Head Coach: Junior Williams.

Full game:

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