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England U18s Win Holland Nordic Basketball Tournament 2012

HNBT 2012England Under-18s return from Holland as champions of the 2012 Holland Nordic Basketball Tournament after beating German side Eisbaren Bremerhaven 72-68 in the final.

Steve Bucknall’s side finished the tournament with a 5-0 record, and were led by Tyrell Isaacs who was the team’s leading scorer at 12 points per game.

The tournament serves as part of England’s preparation for the Division B European Championships this summer and will help Bucknall with his selections for the final roster. The squad currently stands at 23 players.

Full results below, to be be updated with scorers where possible:

England Under-18 Results at the 2012 Holland Nordic Basketball Tournament

Game 1
England beat KK Actavis Academy 58-53
(Tyrell Isaacs 14, Sam Round 13, Rowell Graham 11)

Game 2
England beat Eisbären Bremerhaven 60-46
(Tyrell Isaacs 14, Elliott Sentance 13, Luke Nelson 10)

Game 3
England beat Netherlands 70-53
(Tyrell Isaacs 16, Elliott Sentance 11, Rowell Graham 11)

Game 4
England beat Macedonia 56-53 (semi-final)
(Rowell Graham 13, Tamas Okros 11, Luke Nelson 11)

Game 5
England beat Eisbären Bremerhaven 72-68 (Final)
(Elliott Sentance 16, Luke Nelson 12, Dwayne Orija 11)


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