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England U18 Squad Reduced to 23

The England Under-18 squad has faced their first series of cuts, being reduced to 23 players from the 31 originally announced.

The biggest surprise? Top 1994 born talent Josh Ward-Hibbert is no longer listed, dealing a huge blow to the final team that will head out to the Division B European Championships this summer. The reasons remain unclear, but the easy assumption to make is that the 6’4″ guard will be focusing on his tennis, where he is world ranked at the junior level.

A number of players from the talented 1995-born generation remain in the 1994-born squad, whilst new additions who have not previously been listed also appear.

The reduced U18 squad is as follows:

23-Man England Under-18 Squad

David Akibo (Barking Abbey)
Luke Attfield (Bognor Pirates)
Rowell Graham* (Lewisham Thunder)
Joshua Guddemi* (Derby Trailblazers)
Tyrell Isaacs* (Westminster Warriors)
Joe Lockwood (Barking Abbey)
Ben Mead (Ipswich)
Luke Nelson* (Reading Rockets)
Dominic Norton (Barking Abbey)
Kingsley Okoroh (Findlay Prep, USA)
Tamas Okros* (Manchester)
Dwayne Orija* (Barking Abbey)
Jonathan Orrells (Bristol Flyers)
Legend Robertin* (Barking Abbey)
Sam Round* (Northants)
David Sainsbury-Garcia (Asefa Estudiantes, Spain)
Elliott Sentance* (Leicester Warriors)
Jordan Spencer (Milton Keynes Lions)
Morayo Soluade (Unicaja Malaga, Spain)
Lucas Stivrins USA N/A
Connor Stuart* (Bucks Hornets)
Theo Turner* (Tees Valley Mohawks)
Jordan Whelan* (Manchester)

*Will be heading to Netherlands for a warm-up tournament over Easter.



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