BBL 2016-17 Season Roster Tracker -

BBL 2016-17 Season Roster Tracker

It’s now just over two weeks until the 2016-17 BBL season gets underway and team rosters are beginning to take their shape for the forthcoming campaign.

Leicester Riders are the defending league and BBL Trophy champions, while Newcastle are the BBL Cup holders and Sheffield Sharks are the reigning BBL Play-Off victors.

All three major finals next season will be shown live on the BBC Sport website and its red button as part of 32 total games.

You can keep up-to-date with all the summer ins and outs with our updated roster tracker below:

Two-Year Deal

Bristol Flyers

HC: Andreas Kapoulas

Returning: Greg Streete, Roy Owen, Chris Bourne, Jordan Ranklin, Daniel Edozie (all re-signed)

Ins: Michael Vigor (Plymouth Raiders), Leslee Smith (Olimpi Tbilisi, Georgia-Superleague), Lovell Cook (Island Storm, Canada-NBL), Brandon Boggs (Kongsberg Miners, Norway-BLNO), Hameed Ali (Texas A&M-Corpus Christi-NCAA DI)

II: Aaron Cosby (signed in December, Western Kentucky University-NCAA DI)

Outs: Cardell McFarland (Iskra Svit, Slovakia-Extraliga, Sheffield Sharks), Doug McLaughlin-Williams, Mathias Seilund, Tyrone Lee (all not returning)

II: Lovell Cook (released in November)

Cheshire Phoenix

HC: Colin O’Reilly (sacked in December); Robbie Peers (appointed in January)

Returning: Max Jones, Luke Gosney (both returning)

Ins: Josh Wilcher (Townsville Heat, Australia-QBL), Jamell Anderson (Leicester Riders), Kaj-Bjorn Sherman (Lucentum, Spain-LEB Silver), Marcel Mosley (University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff), Earl Brown (Keflavik, Iceland-Dominos League), Josh Fox (UC Davis, NCAA DI), Jamie Batish (Western Illinois University, NCAA DI)

II: Raheem May-Thompson (Leicester Riders), Maurice Lewis-Briggs (T71 Dudelange, Luxembourg), Jawad Adekoya (signed in December), Frank Eaves (signed in November), DII’Jon Allen-Jordan (signed in January), Mike Di Nunno (signed in February)

Outs: Kinu Rochford (St Chamond, France-NM1), Danny Huffor (Worcester Wolves), Sedale Hanson-Young (Notre Dame Prep, USA), David Aliu (retired), Akeem Ellis (Lourdes, France-NM1), Jeff Dirkin (Meires, Spain-EBA), Quincy Taylor (Surrey Scorchers)

II: Kaj Bjorn-Sherman (left for Spain), Marcel Mosley, Josh Fox, Jamie Batish (all released), Josh Wilcher (injury, released), Maurice Lewis-Briggs (released in January)

Glasgow Rocks

HC: Sterling Davis

Returning: Kieron Achara (2-year deal last summer), Jordan Clarke, Jonny Bunyan, Bantu Burroughs (all re-signed)

Ins: Gareth Murray (Angers, France-NM1), Neil Watson (Leicester Riders), Lewis Thomas (Perth Redbacks, Australia-SBL), Hayden Lescault (Karlsruhe, Germany-Pro-B), Anthony Elechi (Morehead State University, NCAA D1)

II: Lee Reilly (signed in December)

Outs: Warren Gillis (Kapfenburg, Austria-Bundesliga), Andre Stephens, Riley Grabau (not returning)

II: Jordan Clarke (injury)

Leeds Force

HC: Matt Newby

Returning: Clayfell Harris, Rob Marsden, Armand Anebo (all re-signed), Aidan Appleyard, Isaac Mourier, Eddie Matthew (all returning)

Ins: Robert Sandoval (Azusa Pacific, NCAA DII), Jermaine Sanders (University of Cincinnati, NCAA DI), Oliver Hylands (Doncaster Danum Eagles, NBL D3), Jack Isenbarger (Spain-EBA), Disraeli Lufadeju (Worcester Wolves, BBL)

Outs: Louis Sayers (Koblenz, Germany-Regionalliga), Marek Klaasen (Worcester Wolves), D’Andre Bullard, Kwan Waller (both not returning), Zak Wells (not returning, signed in Slovenia)

Leicester Riders

HC: Rob Paternostro

Returning: Tyler Bernardini, Drew Sullivan, Harrison Gamble, Conner Washington, Shane Walker (all re-signed), Levi Noel, Raheem May-Thompson (both returning)

Ins: Pierre Hampton (Eco Orebo, Sweden-Basketligan), Andy Thomson (Newcastle Eagles), Donovon Jack (Penn State, NCAA DI), Brandon Clark (Santa Clara University, NCAA DI), Eric Robertson (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga)

Outs: TrayVonn Wright (Boras, Sweden-Basketligan), Anthony Rowe, Barry Lamble (both retired), Jamell Anderson (Cheshire Phoenix), Neil Watson (Glasgow Rocks), Donovon Jack (released in pre-season)

II: Raheem May-Thompson (left, Cheshire Phoenix)

London Lions

HC: Nigel Lloyd

Returning: Kai Williams, Jamal Williams, Joe Ikhinmwin, Alex Owumi, Andre Lockhart (all re-signed)

Ins: Zaire Taylor (Blois, France-NM1), Rashad Hassan (Montevideo, Uruguay-Ascendo), Derek Hall (Moncton Miracles, Canada-NBL), Will Ashby (Essex Leopards, NBL D1), Troy Hirst (Royal Holloway University, BUCS), Kelvin Moyo

II: Navid Niktash (signed in November), Zak Wells (Hopsi Polzela, Slovenia)

Outs: Zach Gachette (Sheffield Sharks), Blayne Freckleton (Team Northumbria, NBL D1) Demond Watt (Angers BC, France-NM1)

II: Derek Hall (left), Jamal Williams (injury), Will Ashby (signed in Spain)

Manchester Giants

PC: Yorick Williams

Returning: Ingus Bankevics (2-year deal last summer), Jerelle Okoro, Barry Webster, Reiss Haggith, Callum Jones (all re-signed), Usman Baba (returning)

Ins: Rom Goffen (Maccabi Raanana, Israel-National League), Richard Bell (Clayton College & State University, NCAA DII), Dean Wanliss, Sam Lane (both Kent Crusaders, NBL D1), Harold Trobo (free agent), Donatas Visockas (Beaujolais, France-NM1), Anastasios Traianos (Dofa Lefkadas, Greece-A2), Daniel Michaelson-Yeates (free agent), Luke Attfield

II: Sam Toluwase (signed in October), Mike Creppy (signed in January)

Outs: Nathan Schall (Herten, Germany-Regionalliga), Stefan Gill, Ryan Lewis (both Manchester Magic, NBL D1), Dzaflo Larkai (Ibaraki Robots, Japan-B-League D2), Ingus Bankevics (injured)

II: Rom Goffen (released), Reiss Haggith, Luke Attfield (left), Mike Creppy (released in February)

Newcastle Eagles

PC: Fab Flournoy

Returning: Rahmon Fletcher, Scott Martin, Darius Defoe, Drew Lasker, Danny Horta Darrington (all re-signed)

Ins: Orlan Jackman (Worcester Wolves), Deondre Parks (South Dakota State, NCAA DI), Christian Behrens (Burgos, Spain-LEB Gold)

II: Joe Hart (Araberri, Spain-LEB Silver)

Outs: Andy Thomson (Leicester Riders), Joe Chapman (not returning), Charles Smith (retired)

Plymouth Raiders

HC: Jonathan White

Returning: Daryl Corletto, Cory Dixon, Dylan Costelloe (all re-signed)

Ins: Rhys Carter (Melbourne Tigers, Australia-SEABL), Anton Grady (Wichita State, NCAA DI), Donte Nicholas (Albury, Australia-SBL), Deji Adekunle (Keiser University, NAIA), Peter Hooley (Albany University, NCAA DI), David Humphries (Loyola Marymount, NCAA DI), Simon Lokan (Perth Redbacks, Australia-SBL)

II: John Barber (Sheffield Sharks), Elvisi Dusha (Reading Rockets, NBL D1), Nathan Schall (Herten, Germany-Regionalliga), David Humphreys (returned from injury)

Outs: Michael Vigor (Bristol Flyers), Dante Williams, Duane Bailey (not returning)

II: David Humphries (knee injury), Dylan Costelloe (released), Simon Lokan (released), Deji Adekunle (injury), Peter Hooley (left in February), Anton Grady (released in April)

Sheffield Sharks

HC: Atiba Lyons

Returning: Mike Tuck (3-year deal last summer), Kyle Odister (2-year deal last summer)TJ Robinson (re-signed), Colin Sing (re-signed), George Brownell, Eddy Brownell, Marko Backovic (all returning)

Ins: Shaheed Davis (University of Central Florida, NCAA DI), Jordan Davis (Club Depores Castro, Chile), Marquis Mathis (South Florida Gold), Zach Gachette (London Lions), Tony Wroblicky (Kangoeroes, Belgium-Scooore League), Cardell McFarland (Iskra Svit, Slovakia-Extraliga), Rob Poole (injury cover)

II: Malcolm Riley (signed in October), Rashawn Rembert (signed in November) Olu Babalola (injury cover), Kellen Thornton (signed in December), Max Guercy (signed in February)

Outs: Patrick Horstmann (Licher Baeren, Germany-Pro B), TJ Robinson (released in August), Jerrold Brooks (Andrezieux, France-NM1), Marquis Mathis (released in September), John Barber (not returning, joined Plymouth Raiders in October)

II: Shaheed Davis, Rob Poole (both released in October), Kyle Odister (injury), Cardell McFarland (released), Olu Babalola (injury cover), Kellen Thornton (injured, released in February)

Surrey Scorchers

HC: Creon Raftopoulos

Returning: Tayo Ogedengbe, Will Neighbour, Lekan Popoola (all re-signed)

Ins: Kalil Irving (Sarzana, Italy-Serie C), Michael Ochereobia (Besancon, France-NM2), Jay Bowie (Willeton Tigers, Australia-SBL), Albert Margai (Essex Leopards, NBL D1), Quincy Taylor (Cheshire Phoenix), Chaz Rollins,  Will Maynard (Loughborough Student Riders, NBL D1)

II: Jordan Williams (re-signed), Gabe McCray (signed in January)

Outs: Andreas Schreiber (Besancon, France-NM2), Elvisi Dusha (KB Prishtina, Kosovo-SuperLeague), Allie Fullah, Jordan Williams (trial in Europe), Nick Schlitzer, KC Ross-Miller, Mike Anderson (not returning)

II: Will Maynard (released, back to Leicester Riders), Jay Bowie (released), Will Neighbour (left, New Zealand)

Worcester Wolves

HC: Paul James

Returning: Ashton Khan (re-signed)

Ins: Marek Klassen (Leeds Force), Trevor Setty (Mandurah Magic, Australia-SBL), Deondre McWhorter (Georgetown College, NAIA), Danny Huffor (Cheshire Phoenix), Jermel Kennedy (Spain), Alejandro Navajas (Marin, Spain-LEB Silver), Andrew Bachman (Tiffin University, NCAA DII)

II: Maurice Walker (signed in November), Trey Zeigler (signed in February), Andrew Bachman (returned from injury)

Outs: Orlan Jackman (Newcastle Eagles), Perris Blackwell (Andrezieux, France-NM1), Javier Mugica (Marín Peixegalego, Spain-LEB Gold), Pavol LosonskyJay Couisnard, Jordan Aaron (not returning), Disraeli Lufadeju (Leeds Force, BBL)

II: Deondre McWhorter (released), Andrew Bachman (injured in February)

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