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England U16s vs Spain (Game 1) – Second Half

Check out the England Under-16s in action against Spain, from their two game series this past weekend. This is the second half of Game 1, which they lost 84-52. Read a recap of both games here.

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  • bob

    no josh steel means big problems!!

  • Nenad Popovic

    Until England Basketball gets coaches who know the game well and can teach it even better, only then will results start to improve. just by looking at this clip there are mistakes that little kids I used to coach wouldn’t make. These players need to be mentored and moulded fundamentally so that they gradually improve as they get older and to the senior stage

  • Paul Tickner

    So we lost by 1 to Spain at the Olympics. Legacy? Spain probably not bothering to play us again for a while

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  • steve

    That was really terrible to watch. If these are the best kids in the country we should really take a close look at what is going on from a coaching & selection perspective. Too many fundamental mistakes to mention here to make me think that this was just a bad day. I dont like singling things out usually but I have to say that our ‘bigs’ were dreadful. They didnt seem to know what they were doing at all.
    Its interesting that Spain seem to select players who can get to the hoop, and can play defense…we tend to still pick kids on size regardless of whether they can play. I know we need some bigs but we need to develop them specifically. If this is likely to be the team, then I think they are going to get massacred in the European Champs.

  • Adam

    One of the ‘bigs’ in this team is still only 14 so isn’t this experience awesome for him? Gives him some time to go away and learn from this before he is actually playing in meaningful games….

    I think this was great for English basketball..

  • Roy

    Having watched both games live, there is of course a lot of “background” work that needs to be done and that the head coach can only work with what is available. I have said, very many times, what needs to be addressed if our teams are going to be able to compete at the European level.

    Having said that, there were two positives that can be taken from both games. The first is that these players now realize just how much work they have to do if they wish to compete at the Division A level. It was quite apparent for example how the Spanish transition game took the team completely by surprise.

    The second positive thing to take from the games was that due to travel etc. the boys were really tired, most especially for the last game. However, when they have to play in the Division B tournament they will also be tired as the tournament progresses and have to realize that they must be able to play at a top level even when tired.

    The boys played as hard as they could, were very much a team and obviously got on well with each other and never gave up throughout both games even though they were completely out played.

    From my own observations of the game, the Spanish players, were also poor on many of the fundamentals and have a lot of work to do if they are to challenge for the Division A title, especially at the guard position.

    Finally, apart from the above comments re coaching etc., the Spanish players train, and are coached, every day, which of course makes a huge difference to a players improvement.

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