Midnight Madness 2014 Leeds Qualifier! Ryan Richards, Leome Francis & More!

In the third of our five Midnight Madness 2014 videos this week, check out all the best stuff from the 2014 Midnight Madness Leeds qualifier, led by Ryan Richards, Leome Francis and George Darling!

Also to feature in the video include: Ladi Brown, David Ajumobi, Kenroy wood, Trey Bitton-Price, Jason Tucker, Samson Olayemi, Moe Giffari, Kevin Moyo, Blayne Freckleton, Jordan Whelan, Nathan Schall, Danny Evans, Cleve Charles, Dwayne Camille, Kaphel Ulett waul, Raheem Idris, Ben Cepulis, Ross Walcott, Tayo Ogedengbe, Darius Defoe, Paul Holland and more.

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