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Midnight Madness 2014 Loughborough Qualifier!

In the second Hoopsfix upload of the week from the 2014 Midnight Madness qualifiers, we look at the Loughborough run, which arguably had the best highlights of the lot!

With Taiwo Badmus making his mark, along with Kavell Bigby-Williams, Joe Junior Mvuezolo, Dwayne Lautier-Ogunleye, Jamell Anderson and Fahro Alihodzic, there was plenty of entertainment!

Also featured in this video: Calvin Nevill-Kintu, Riccardo Guddemi, Kayne King, Maxwell Morrison, Kofi Josephs, Arif Sempala, Pak Chingombe, John Stewart, Stephen RObinson , Dwayne Orija, Kyle Carey, Reece Turner, Helio Sampaio, Jack Daley, Reiss Haggith, daniel Turricki, Jason Turner, Levi Noel, and many more!

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