Tosan Evbuomwan: "I'm by no means done" -

Tosan Evbuomwan: “I’m by no means done”

Tosan Evbuomwan Detroit Pistons

“Did you hear about Tosan?” I heard, as I anticipated the arrival of Detroit Pistons head coach Monty Williams, in a Barclays Center conference room.

The news slowly spreading around the room involved British breakthrough talent Tosan Evbuomwan, who had reached the limit of playable games under his two-way contract with the Pistons. With nothing but pride left to play for, Detroit sat the Newcastle native for the remainder of the season, rather than committing further.

After going undrafted, representing Detroit in the NBA Summer League, playing in the G-League and signing a 10-day contract with the Memphis Grizzlies, Evbuomwan found his way back in the Motor City.

Following a successful 10-day, the Pistons signed him to a two-way in February, which saw him gain substantial league experience until early April.

“I’ve been really pleased with my individual journey. It’s been very up and down but I’m living the dream to be honest,” Evbuomwan shared. “It’s been amazing, an unbelievable opportunity.”

What a journey it has been. The Princeton economics graduate led his Ivy League school to the Sweet 16 during NCAA March Madness 2023, receiving an embarrassment of individual accolades along the way.

Since then, the former Newcastle Eagle has gradually carved out a role in the NBA – an achievement his coach believes can be attributed to his industrious approach.

“The development, the growth, the capacity to work and get better. He came into the programme when I got into the programme and I’ve just seen him work his tail off. I look at where he was and where he is now and I see a lot of growth,” Williams said.

Having enjoyed three decades in the NBA as a player and coach, Williams knows a thing or two about what it takes to cut it in the league and his enthusiasm for Evbuomwan’s potential is palpable.

“He’s a pretty good defender on the ball, he’s improved his shot, he’s got a high IQ for the game and he’s tough. He has a workmanlike mentality, as well as the intellect of an Ivy League guy. He’s highly coachable, so I think he’s got a good chance to be a rotation guy in the league and a lot of that will depend on his ability to continue to grow.”

Tosan Evbuomwan Detroit Pistons

Through his 13 games with the Pistons this season, Evbuomwan averaged 7 points from 57% shooting and 3.5 rebounds. In a memorable display, he recorded 14 points and eight rebounds against the Boston Celtics in March. The 23-year-old is confident that we’ve only seen a glimpse into what he can do at that level.

“I’m by no means done, I’m definitely looking forward to achieve and progress more, hopefully help
the team more,” he affirmed.

Though his NBA future is far from etched into stone, all signs point toward a potential reunion with the Pistons, with both coach and player expressing an interest in working together this summer.

“He’s somebody we’re looking forward to working with in the summer,” Williams said.

As far as life in the American Midwest, Evbuomwan is more than comfortable.

“Life is great in Detroit. I can’t complain about anything. Newcastle will always be home, but Detroit’s not too bad.”

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