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Home Country Associations Issue Joint Statement on BBF Dispute

The Home Country Associations (HCAs) of Basketball England, basketballscotland and Basketball Wales have issued a joint statement regarding their ongoing dispute with the British Basketball Federation (BBF) regarding the future of British Basketball.

The statement, following GB Senior players speaking out on Monday night, reiterates the HCA’s commitment toward finding a plan moving forward that is sustainable, whilst acknowledging there is ‘some distance’ between the two proposals being put forward by the BBF and HCAs.

It adds that they do not believe that having parts of these discussions played out in public – following multiple leaks to the media – is helpful for the sport.

Full statement:

“In response to the recent media coverage, the Home Country Associations (HCAs) of England, Scotland and Wales wish to jointly clarify their position to our membership and to GB players in relation to current negotiations on the future of British Basketball.

“We wish to confirm that all HCAs remain committed to working towards a structure and model for British Basketball that keeps GB teams on the floor for the long term and allows all parts of our sport to thrive and develop.

“We value a strong BBF built on long-term financial stability, equality of access, strong foundations, mutual respect and a collegiate way of working. We are seeking a sustainable, long-term plan for British Basketball that does not put other areas of our sport at significant risk.

“We acknowledge that there is some distance between the proposals being put forward by the BBF and this position. However, we do not believe that playing out aspects of these ongoing discussions in a public forum is beneficial for the sport or helpful to our members. Therefore, we are committed to continuing to have honest and frank dialogue directly with colleagues within HCAs and with British Basketball.”


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