From M&S Security Guard to College Hall of Famer - With Julius Joseph - Ep. 31 -

From M&S Security Guard to College Hall of Famer – With Julius Joseph – Ep. 31

Julius Joseph

For episode 31 of the Hoopsfix Podcast, we sit down with British basketball legend Julius Joseph to talk his playing career.

The 6’4″ forward graduated from NCAA Division II school Georgia College & State University in the year 2000, where he had led one of the most successful teams in the program’s history, reaching the Elite Eight was the first All-American of the NCAA era of Georgia College men’s basketball.

Julius Joseph has since been inducted into their Hall of Fame, after going on to have a 13-year professional career, playing predominantly in the BBL, but also having stints in Belgium and France.

A former England and Great Britain international, Joseph won a bronze medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, and now coaches at Brent Ballers along with running the UK’s only national 3×3 tournament, Ball Out.

In this hour and 15 minute conversation, hear from Julius on:

  • How he first got into the game and started playing basketball
  • The memories of his first ever National League practice with Brixton and why he chose to go back to local league
  • The lay of the land of London basketball when he was growing up
  • Comparing junior basketball today to when he was involved playing
  • Playing for Westminster Warriors men’s side as a 19 year old
  • Not having a jump shot in his early years
  • His ‘meat and potatoes’ style of game
  • Transitioning to the US and how the move came about
  • The competitiveness and intensity of US basketball
  • His dedication to working out the summer after his first season in the US
  • The improvement in his game that took place from his Sophomore year to Junior year at college
  • Playing as a power forward and centre at 6’4″
  • Working as a security guard at Marks & Spencer during the summer
  • Playing in the UK’s best summer basketball tournament, Rough & Ready
  • The process of turning pro and how the league stopped his rookie deal with the London Towers
  • How he gave himself a one year window to “try” being pro and see how it works out
  • Playing professionally and going from the BBL to Belgium
  • Why the Commonwealth Games led to him returning to the BBL
  • His experiences as an England Senior international
  • Being involved with the Great Britain programme in its first two years of the ‘new era’
  • Why Julius ended up leaving the GB programme for personal reasons
  • What it was like to play and work with Chris Finch
  • The best British junior player he’s ever seen
  • Who he thinks is the best British coach
  • The most enjoyable team he’s played on
  • And much, much, more!

As always, I’d love to get your feedback, come back after you’ve listened and lets get some discussion going in the comments.

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Image Credit: Sports Photographer

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