Deng Top 50 Camp 2017 All Star Game Highlights! -

Deng Top 50 Camp 2017 All Star Game Highlights!

Take a look at all the best highlights from the 2017 Deng Top 50 Camp All Star Game, featuring the top 20 players from Deng Camp. Led by Sesan Russell and Caleb Fuller, the Green Team pulled out the comfortable 72-50 win over the Red Team.

Features Alex Drincic, Arinze Emeka-Anyakwo, Sean Nealon-Lino, Michael Anumba, Tyrese Walters-Lawrence, Pierce Maslen, Leighton Elliott-Sewell, Konrad Kantorski, Carl Ntifo, Morgan Carter, Robin Bedford, Jonathan St Hilaire, Edoardo Del Cadia, and David Stevic.

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