Ben Mockford 2015-16 Season Highlights -

Ben Mockford 2015-16 Season Highlights

Take a look back on Ben Mockford’s highlights from this season back in Spain with Caceres in LEB Gold.

Mockford was averaging 9.5 points in 21 minutes a game before a broken bone in his foot saw his season come to an end early.

“The season was up and down for our team and me personally,” Mockford told Hoopsfix.

“I was struggling with a small knee injury at the beginning of the season, but was playing solid. I then started to pick things up and really got going, playing really well and then unfortunately had a season ending injury breaking a bone in my foot. We had a lot of injuries and guys leave for ACB teams so through everything I think our team still did well and made the play offs.”

The 6’3″ GB guard is currently back in England before heading to the US for the summer for workouts until August when he will return for GB Senior Men’s camp.

“It’s a big summer for GB, we have to qualify” Mockford added. “No more excuses, or years saying we ‘could have’. The time is now. We have to go get wins, somehow, some way. We are not a cute team, we have to go and be aggressive, scrappy, and make every game a war for the other teams.

“Coach (Prunty) has definitely preached this to us over the last years, and now is the time to go and do it. If we follow coaches game plan on offence, and go in there with a scrappy, tough mindset on defence, I have no doubt we will be successful.”

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