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Nhamo Shire – CEO of Reach & Teach – Hoopsfix Podcast Ep. 7

While in St Kitts & Nevis this week with Midnight Madness, I took the opportunity to sit down with its founder and CEO, Nhamo Shire.

Reach & Teach is the umbrella organisation for Midnight Madness, the UK’s biggest summer basketball programme, as well as running the London School of Basketball – the largest CBL in the county, and Basketball England’s biggest club as measured by registered members.

We spoke for about an hour and a half on a variety of topics in what I think is an incredibly interesting and valuable conversation.

In this episode, here from Nhamo on:

  • What exactly it is that he does with Reach & Teach/Midnight Madness/London School of Basketball (LSB)
  • How it’s possible he is able to get sponsorship and funding for these programmes year upon year in a market many consider it to be impossible
  • How Reach & Teach/LSB became the largest club in the country within just 12 months of being set up
  • What the highest and lowest points of Midnight Madness have been
  • Why he wants to see more people working together
  • His reaction to R&T getting funding of close to half a million pounds from Sport England
  • Who he thinks is the top British junior basketball player ever.

As always, I’d love to get your feedback, come back after you’ve listened and lets get some discussion going in the comments.

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