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Midnight Madness Feature in Ep. 6 of Quai 54’s Web Series

Back in June, Midnight Madness took out two British teams to Quai 54, dubbed the World’s Streetball Championship, in Paris, France.

Hoopsfix was there at the time covering the action (top 10 plays here) for highlights, but over the past few weeks, Quai 54 has been releasing episodes of their official web series ‘Bring Your Game, Not Your Name’.

We’re now at Episode 6, which features the Midnight Madness teams, focusing heavily on the Futures squad that upset Spain in the quarter finals, before taking on La Fusion (France), the undefeated champions of Quai 54 (winners of the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 editions).

Check out the beautifully produced piece above to find out what happened (turn English subtitles on to understand the French speaking parts!), and the rest of the series over at Quai54.com.

The web series has been produced by 360 Creative, directed by Thibaut de Longevill, with the music by James BKS (Track 1) & Moonbeatz (Track 2) & Blastar (Track 3). Editing was done by Jean-Christophe Portugal,

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