Alhaji Fullah Senior Highlights from Charleston Southern -

Alhaji Fullah Senior Highlights from Charleston Southern

Take a look back at Alhaji ‘Allie’ Fuller’s senior year highlights from Charleston Southern University.

The 6’8″ 235lbs Londoner averaged 4.4 points and 3.6 rebounds on 66.3% shooting in just 13.3 minutes per game, as he now prepares to graduate and look for his first professional contract.

He admits he the season didn’t necessarily go as hoped, as Charleston Southern finished 13-18 overall, and exited in the quarter finals of the Big South tournament, but is able to draw positives.

“I was disappointed with how the season went to be honest, from both a team and personal perspective,” Fullah said, who plays alongside fellow Brit Will Saunders.

“From the team perspective we definitely underachieved considering that we came off a 19 win season, in which we were also conference champs and one win away from making the Big Dance (in the 2012-13 season). We were preseason pick to win conference so it was definitely a disappointing season.

“Personally, I didn’t meet the goals that I set at the start of the season which were to be the Defensive Player of the Year and to make the Big South first team. I felt like those were very realistic goals for me considering the hard work I put in all summer long.”

He also pointed to his numbers being better than last year, despite playing less minutes.

“I started the entire season minus a couple games but that isn’t really saying much because the subs came fast and if i didn’t get off to a great start it was hard to get back on the floor.”

“I choose to take the positives out of every situation and although things didn’t go the way I wanted I learn a lot from my two seasons playing division one basketball at Charleston Southern University, especially this year. I learnt how to pace myself instead of going at 100 mph all the time.

“Playing with little room for error knowing that a sub was breathing down my neck made me more assertive offensively,”

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