Gabe Olaseni Returns Home to London with Iowa

It’s not too often that a British prospect playing NCAA Division 1 gets the chance to play in front of friends and family, but that’s exactly what happened to Iowa Hawkeyes’ Abodunrin Gabe Olaseni (1991 born) last week, as Iowa came to Europe on tour.

The NCAA allows teams to tour overseas once every four years, and Head Coach Fran McCaffery and his staff chose for Iowa to come to London to allow Gabe, in his Junior year, the chance to be at home and see his friends and family.

The coaching staff have high hopes for the athletic 6’10” big man, with McCaffery saying he thinks he has a legitimate shot at the NBA.

  • coach z

    Before y’all brits start going crazy….. hes not a future draft pick ok…… Barely on the NBA Radar

  • Sam

    I’m not going crazy but I think you may be. Firstly what are your coaching/scouting credentials in comparison to coach mccaffery? Now I know he is obviously biased and giving his guy confidence but I’d still take his word over yours. The likelihood is he won’t make the nba but there is a chance as you yourself have admitted when you said he is “barely” on nba radars which means he is doesn’t it…? I appreciate you have an opinion and its an open forum but I question your motives on coming onto a British bball website and slating players. This story is of interest to us as its a player who is talented and has a slight chance of making it. In the scheme of things this guy might be just another d1 starter which makes me again question why you care to comment on it?

    • Coach z

      Lol this is pretty funny. How well u even know the hawk eye program… Better yet, how we’ll do you know the NCAA structure? U ever played D1 ball? You ever coached on a d1 team? U ever trained players on to the NBA draft? U ever been to a real college game or real nba game? (Ain’t talking bout the fake ones they have in London with mutual fans HAHAHAHA )? Well to answer your credentials, I have and I know the business pretty well. Plus I’ve trained a few former hawk eye players like Pierre pierce, Doug Collins Reggie Evans, Adam haluska, Jeff Horner and ran a camp for mccaffey too in Iowa city a few years back so my credentials is pretty up there playa (I’m an d1 asst for a big east school who also has a training facility i built in bethesda, MD where we train top hs prospects, college prospects and current and former nba players from the area) … What conference do they play in? Where did they finish this past season? Well to help you out. They didn’t even make the big dance. They play in the big 10 conference that they barely have a winning season. If gabe starts, he’s going to lose his spot because big men like Mitch mcgary, Sam Dekker, Adrian Payne, and even outta conference when it comes to the big 10 acc challenge going up guys like James mcadoo Shaquille cleare, beejay Anya, Lenard freeman. Too many advanced Centers that play w more experience and game knowledge than gabe who has no offensive game. Yea he has an nba body but he won’t keep a job.

      My motives on this site is to expose you from overhyping players that are not NBA quality players and Barkley have a shot for a longetive nba career. And yes gabe is barely on the Nba radars while theyre so many players who play his position and are having better numbers than gabe is. so why would they turn theyre back on other free agent to concentrate on a player who only averages 2 pts in the big 10? common sense logics….There’s no proper basketball structure in the UK so every time I come here, it’s a joke. Lets go to the past…. Ryan, pops, mathew Bryan, Joel Freeland, Ryan Childress, Dan clark, kieron Achara… (MIGHT HAVE SHOTS IN NBA!) the thing is you guys are just happy to just play in one NBA game then immediately gets dubbed as one of the greatest Brits to play. But I’ve been right so far so……so Ain’t trying to see where the problem is?

      I can see if its a Brit averaging like double figures (20pts 10 Rebs which will never happen by a Brit) in a tough conference like the ACC, BIG EAST, BIG 10, BIG 12, SEC. If gabe only averaging 2points?!?!?! 2 points?!?!?! Hate to break it to you, most hell get is a summer league invite which almost anybody can play in

      Brits are just not natural fighters. They don’t play ball with a motivation. They’re not hungry players compared to a player from Chicago, DC, ny, la, Texas, North Carolina …. They play with relentless toughness and you have foreign players from Nigeria, Europe (except the uk but for some odd reason, Brits don’t consider themselves as Europeans which is weird.) who may not be as tough as us Americans but they’re fundamentals especially for a 4 or 5 man is remarkable and advanced than our bigs in the states.

      Look Sam reality is Brits just ain’t got the same passion and hunger to compete at a high level and they’re behind in the fundamental game too. There is no proper coaching structure and no real coaches but yet, you overhyping em. Our players start playing organized ball at a young age in Aau tourneys at like 5 yrs old and they take it serious so fundamentals stuck with em for a long time.

      Most of y’all players in the UK play at what? 13? In a non serious league where nobody is competitive. They end up really behind and playing chase up in fundamentals and basketball mentality approach (which Brits will think it’s a little too extreme once it’s in their face). Once you guys stop being so called “laid back and take the game seriously and really respect the game like stop treating it like a 2nd stepchild then maybe other nations start respecting the “uk” more when you hype sub par non advanced players playing in the NCAA.

      • Coach z

        My point is….. Players that don’t play with a tru passion but get more credit than they really deserve is flat out disrespectful to the game of basketball and to those who actually put in the work EVERYDAY! Not 3 times a week hr sessions like y’all hold in the uk (bbl) but yet you wonder why I’m here slandering your players? Well there’s your reason…. Expect more to come too unless y’all start taking the game of basketball seriously n really work hard…. Damn get your boy Ben Mockford to show u (That’s the ONLY Brit I know who approaches the game w a life n death approach….. He’s the only one deserving to have a shot to have a long career in the league playing the 2 guard spot.) nobody else but Ben Mockford n I really hope when he’s established. Hell be back in the uk to change y’all sports structure. More thn likely it won’t happen because hell prolly be better off in the powerful nation where I was born n raised… USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA!!!!

        • Just so you know – the Sam who commented above isn’t me…and if you are an assistant at a Big East school, way to be professional.

          I tried to email you but your email bounced – get in touch sam{@} – you still haven’t made that donation…

        • Sam

          I think you’ve missed my point. If you’re a coach of any regard you wouldn’t comment on things like this. In terms of my credentials I’m a reall terrie d3 player in the uk but I come I here to see and be amazed at how well the top Brits are doing. Britain as a country don’t care about basketball you’re right which makes it all the more remarkable what these guys manage to do by playing NCAA d1 seen as every american would do anything to get a shot at it do you not think? My point is I find it bizarre you feel the need to be so negative about a small country playing bball and put a dampner on it for the few actual basketball fans the country has. Also I think you may think I’m someone else, Ben mockford isn’t my boy in fact I’ve never met him which is remarkable really if you think how small England is….. Ps give my regards to Paul pierce I watched a Boston leprechauns game once and he looked really good.

          • Sam

            To avoid any confusion by reall terrie i meant really terrible.

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