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OTS, Powerpuff Gyals qualify for Summer Jam European Finals

Summer Jam London 2023

OTS and Powerpuff Gyals will be the men’s and women’s UK representatives in the Foot Locker Summer Jam European Finals in August, after both advancing on Sunday from the London Qualifier at Clapham Common.

Both saw off stiff competition in the outdoor, straight knockout, 5-on-5 tournament that featured a number of high level British players.

OTS Summer Jam

OTS featuring a number of Richmond Knights alumni on an all under-19 team, had Michael Belle, Brandon Tchouya, Ridley Shema, Peter and Stephen Asante, Jamari Seri, Kieran Farrell and Josh Gentry.

Powerpuff Gyals were also not short of talents, compiled of Shanice Beckford-Norton, Chantel Charles, Shequila Joseph, Melita Emmanuel-Carr, Diana Voynova, Liv Da Silva, Ruchae Walton and Wura Ijelu.

Powerpuff Gyals Summer Jam

The Summer Jam tournament is a part of Foot Locker’s ‘Raise the Game’ campaign which has seen them partner with local organisations such as Hoopsfix to renovate six basketball courts across Europe – including Clapham Common – and now has representatives from each community facing off on the court.

Both UK representatives will compete at Clapham again on Saturday August 19th against five European opponents (France, Spain, Holland, Italy and Germany), for a chance to be flown out to an NBA game courtesy of Foot Locker.

Meanwhile, in the Under-18 categories on Saturday, DFG and Air Sickness, won the U18 boys and U18 girls categories, claiming a Foot Locker voucher and VIP shopping experience.

Summer Jam London Results

Powerpuff Gyals 50-8 Little Giants
Assorted 22-18 London Estellas
Triple Threat 18-9 Ballers
Cobham Cobras 32-30 Foreign Policy
Powerpuff Gyals 54-14 Cobham Cobras (semi-final)
Assorted 21-26 Triple Threat (semi-final)
Powerpuff Gyals – Triple Threat (final)

Why So Serious 32-40 OTS
Raiders 41-44 CMB
Nothing to Worry About 19-25 Friction Burns
Asphalt Assassins 29-25 Hoopspace
OTS 38-36 Friction Burns (semi-final)
CMB 29-35 Asphalt Assassins (semi-final)
OTS – Asphalt Assassins

U18 Women
Air Sickness 38-32 LDN Elite U17 (semi-final)
Valiant 8-39 Itchen Upcomers (semi-final)
Ldn Elite 19-18 Valiant (3rd/4th place)
Air Sickness 19-18 Itchen Upcomers (final)

U18 Men
DFG 65-16 TPA
Hoopspace 60-30 Rich Kids
Crusaders 48-24 NXXT Gen
London Thunder 34-30 Brick Layers
DFG 60-19 London Thunder (semi-final)
Crusaders 28-29 Hoopspace (semi-final)
DFG – Hoopspace (final)

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