Berlin, Rotterdam claim European Summer Jam crowns at Clapham Common -

Berlin, Rotterdam claim European Summer Jam crowns at Clapham Common

Summer Jam Finals Clapham

Team Berlin and Team Rotterdam took the Summer Jam Finals crowns in the men’s and women’s categories, respectively, on Saturday at Clapham Common.

After a summer that saw qualifiers being held across six outdoor courts in Europe – all renovated by Foot Locker – each country sent their winning team, with Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan, Paris, Rotterdam all represented in the 5 on 5 knockout tournament.

The London teams; OTS and Powerpuff Gyals – along with one other women’s team, Triple Threat, who jumped in for Paris who were without a female side, were unable to bring home the title in front of home crowds.

The straight knockout tournament saw Powerpuff Gyals reach the final before falling to Rotterdam – knocking out Triple Threat in the semi-finals, while OTS went out in the opening round, also at the hands of Rotterdam.

Meanwhile, in the King and Queen of the Trenches 1 on 1 competition, London took home the title in the Women’s competition, with Melita Emanuel-Carr being crowned, while in the men’s it was Rotterdam’s Caleb Vijber.

After the basketball, there was an after party on the courts, with Sainté performing on the New Balance stage.

Summer Jam Finals Results


Team London Two 26-10 Team Barcelona
Team Rotterdam 44-8 Team Berlin
Team London One 36-11 Team Milan
Team London Two 12-16 Team London One (Semi-Final 1)
Team Rotterdam 25-4 Team Barcelona (Semi-Final 2)
Team London One 7-13 Team Rotterdam (Final)


Team Milan 19-21 Team Barcelona
Team Paris 18-24 Team Berlin
Team London 19-27 Team Rotterdam
Team Barcelona 12-23 Team Berlin (Semi-Final 1)
Team Milan 6-37 Team Rotterdam (Semi-Final 2)
Team Berlin 20-4 Team Rotterdam (Final)

King of the Trenches 1 on 1

Paris (Helvin Kpindy) 4-3 Berlin (Nico Kaml) – Men’s QF 1
London (Tarryn Algar) 5-7 Rotterdam (Caleb Vijber) – Men’s QF 2
London (Jamari Seri) 4-5 London (Damarni Velinor) – Men’s QF 3
Milan (Matteo Airaghi) 7-4 Barcelona (Eric Navarro) – Men’s QF 3
London (Damarni Velinor) 3-6 Milan (Matteo Airaghi) – Men’s SF 1
Paris (Helvin Kpindy) 4-5 Rotterdam (Caleb Vijber) – Men’s SF 2
Milan (Matteo Airaghi) 1-5 Rotterdam (Caleb Vijber) – Men’s Final

Queen of the Trenches 1 on 1

London (Melita Emanuel-Carr) 7-1 Milan (Giorgia Palmieri) – Women’s QF 1
London (Kat Goldsby) 6-7 Barcelona (Ruth Allison) – Women’s QF 2
London (Shelby Williams) 2-5 London (Sandra Wilk) – Women’s QF 3
Rotterdam (Janine Guijt) 4-6 Berlin (Laureen Schwedt) – Women’s QF 4
London (Sandra Wilk) 7-3 Berlin (Laureen Schwedt) – Women’s SF 2
London (Melita Emanuel-Carr) 5-3 Barcelona (Ruth Allison) – Women’s SF 1
London (Sandra Wilk) 6-9 London (Melita Emanuel-Carr) – Women’s Final

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