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Hoopsfix Summer Jam finishes events season in style

Hoopsfix Summer Jam

Hoopsfix Summer Jam presented by Foot Locker saw the summer calendar of activity finish on a high at Clapham Common basketball courts in South London on Saturday.

Raiders – featuring Solent’s Kai Walker and Zain Poorman, saw off Nothing to Worry About 43-36 to claim the 2022 Clapham Common Cup in the men’s division, while Team Emerald took home the Cup in the women’s division, defeating Team Ruby 40-31 led by Chantel Charles and Janice Monakana.

All winners received a Clapham Common Cup engraved tankard, along with a £100 Foot Locker voucher.

Meanwhile, it was a debut for the King of the Trenches and Queen of the Trenches 1-on-1 competitions, organised by Deric Eze of Dezereels, for a £500 cash prize.

Recent Commonwealth Games silver medal winner Shanice Beckford-Norton and Damarni Velinor fought off stiff competition to be crowned champions. Games were first to 7 or 5 minutes max, with the final being first to 9 and 10 minutes, respectively.

The 5-on-5 competition played 4 quarters of 7 minute running clock.

Clapham Common Cup – Men’s Results

Nothing to Worry About 57-40 Sleepers
Hoopspace 36-50 Dreamteam
DFG 36-32 Bermondsey
Last Slimeto 37-54 Raiders
Nothing to Worry About 38-34 Dream Team (semi-final)
DFG 34-44 Raiders (semi-final)
Nothing to Worry About 43-36 Raiders

Clapham Common Cup – Women’s Result

Team Emerald 40-31 Team Ruby

King of the Trenches 1-on-1 Results

Pool Stages

Kayne Henry 5-3 Kalim Cantone
Denis Mesic 3-2 Jardel Kerr
Jardel Kerr 7-6 Kayne Henry
Kalim Cantone 7-2 Denis Mesic
Kayne Henry 4-1 Denis Mesic
Jardel Kerr 3-7 Kalim Cantone
Zaid Amini 1-7 Reiss Faure-daley
Kyle Carey 7-5 Damarni Velinor
Damarni Velinor 5-2 Zaid Amini
Reiss Faure-Daley 7-1 Kyle Carey
Damarni Velinor 7-0 Reiss Faure-daley
Zaid Amini 4-7 Kyle Carey
Ade Adeniran 1-7 Tola Okiki
Bryan Akanmu 6-4 Jordan Gray
Jordan Gray 7-1 Ade Adeniran
Tola Okiki 5-7 Bryan Akanmu
Ade Adeniran 2-7 Bryan Akanmu
Jordan Gray 7-1 Tola Okiki
Livai Smith 5-1 Mubin Yakubu
Dante Borges 2-3 Darnell Stewart
Darnell Stewart 3-7 Livai Smith
Mubin Yakubu 4-7 Dante Borges
Darnell Stewart 5-7 Mubin Yakubu
Livai Smith 7-1 Dante Borges


Kayne Henry 3-5 Jordan Gray
Livai Smith 2-7 Reiss Faure-daley
Damarni 7-0 Dante Borges
Bryan Akanmu 4-1 Kalim Cantone


Jordan Gray 5-3 Reiss
Damarni Velinor 5-4 Bryan Akanmu


Jordan Gray 1-9 Damarni Velinor

Queen of the Trenches 1-on-1 Results

Pool Stages

Shanice Beckford-Norton 7-0 Sevian Witter
Glory Kabia 1-5 Itziar Fernandez
Itziar Fernandez 2-7 Shanice Beckford-norton
Sevian Witter 4-2 Glory Kabia
Itziar Fernandez 6-4 Sevian Witter
Glory Kabia 1-7 Shanice Beckford-norton
Sandra Hewankowska 7-2 Shay Tee
Batoul Khaleefah 0-3 Jenelle Grant
Jenelle Grant 2-7 Sandra Hewankowska
Shay Tee 4-6 Batoul Khaleefah
Jenelle Grant 4-2 Shay Tee
Sandra Kewankowska 7-3 Batoul Khaleefah


Shanice Beckford-Norton 7-1 Shay Tee
Jenelle Grant 7-1 Sevian Witter
Sandra Hewankowska 7-2 Glory Kabia
Itziar Fernandez 5-1 Batoul Khaleefah


Shanice Beckford-Norton 6-4 Jenelle Grant
Sandra Hewankowska 3-5 Itziar Fernandez


Shanice Beckford-Norton 9-1 Itziar Fernandez

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