Getting a BBL & WBBL franchise off the ground in Gloucester - with Jay Marriott - Ep. 104 -

Getting a BBL & WBBL franchise off the ground in Gloucester – with Jay Marriott – Ep. 104

For episode 104 of the Hoopsfix Podcast we sit down with Jay Marriott, CEO of Gloucester Sport, responsible for new WBBL franchise Gloucester City Queens and potential BBL franchise Gloucester City Kings.

A former pro player and Head Coach of the Plymouth Raiders, Marriott was brought in by long-term friend Alex Petheram – 100% owner of the new Gloucester operation – to oversee and manage the basketball side of things, including the WBBL franchise that was recently accepted for this coming season, and a potential BBL franchise for the 2022-23 season.\

In this hour plus conversation, hear from Jay on how the franchise came to be, what the process has been like, along with their plans for the future in a unique behind the scenes insight into what it is like to get a professional basketball franchise off the ground in the UK.

Time codes:

00:00 Intro
02:22 Podcast start
02:30 How did the franchise come to be?
05:08 The specific date Jay first heard of the potential franchise
06:02 Who the people are involved behind the scenes
08:35 The projected costs of having a BBL and WBBL franchise
11:01 What is the current BBL franchise fee
11:46 What is the value in a BBL franchise, is it a good investment
16:14 Whether there are standard operating procedures and documentation you receive as a BBL franchise owner
21:24 The timelines for a WBBL and BBL franchise and how they changed
26:18 How confident they are of having the BBL franchise accepted in 2022
28:50 Whether clubs should have to work their way up through the NBL and spend longer building their base before getting a professional franchise
34:35 Venues, and where Gloucester will be playing
42:14 Biggest surprises so far in the whole process
47:48 Visas and the process to be able to get import players
51:46 Roster make up with visa limitations
52:54 Whether Gloucester have scholarships to offer players
56:29 What their expectations are performance wise on the floor
1:01:29 Who will be coaching the WBBL franchise
1:05:10 Whether the WBBL gets less focus because its the same owners of the BBL clubs
1:08:58 Immediate priorities heading into the new season and over the next 18 months

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