LIVE STREAM: GB Under-18s v Denmark (7:15pm) – #FIBAU18Europe -

LIVE STREAM: GB Under-18s v Denmark (7:15pm) – #FIBAU18Europe

Check out the live stream as GB Under-18s aim for a quarter-final place at the European Championships against Denmark, on Wednesday.

Vanessa Ellis’ side enter the final day of the group phase with a 2-2 record behind Turkey, Denmark and the Netherlands who are all at 3-1.

In order to make the top two, GB must WIN (by at least 9 points) and would also need the Netherlands to beat Turkey.

If Turkey beat the Netherlands, GB would miss out in the ensuing 3-way tie with Denmark and the Netherlands as the Dutch defeated both teams.

NED 2-0 (+8)
DEN 0-1 (-2)
GB 0-1 (-6)

However, if the Netherlands prevailed then GB could finish second if they beat Denmark by 9 points as they would have the better points difference in the resulting 3-way tie:

DEN 1-0 (+10)
TUR 1-1 (-3)
GB 0-1 (-7)

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