Sevenoaks Suns to Build Basketball Facility at The Olympic Swanley -

Sevenoaks Suns to Build Basketball Facility at The Olympic Swanley

Sevenoaks Suns basketball facility

WBBL National Champions and Playoff winners, Sevenoaks Suns, are the latest club to be working on their own purpose-built basketball facility, as revealed by Sevenoaks Sports.

The club are planning to build an all purpose community Arena at The Olympic site in Swanley which would include at least two full-size courts; a ‘Show Court’ with space to accommodate up to 500 spectators and the second, a training hall, which would also have courts meeting the requirements for National League play, while including specialised equipment for skill development plus fitness and physiotherapy facilities.

The move from The Sennocke centre at Sevenoaks School where they currently play, would enable the club to host International Basketball competitions and National team training camps whilst also making it available for community use, especially schools in the Swanley area and sports clubs.

“We are thrilled to be coming to Swanley and deeply appreciate the outstanding and proactive engagement of the Council,” Suns’ Board Member and Arena Project Director, Phil Webb, said. : It’s great to see a public authority so committed to developing facilities for their community.”

Steve Nash, the CEO at Swanley Town Council enthused: “It’s a fantastic proposal and one that we are backing. The facility will become an important place in the community”.

For more information and their detailed plans, check out the full article at Sevenoaks Sports.

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