Caleb Fuller's Windmill Inexplicably Waved Off by Referee -

Caleb Fuller’s Windmill Inexplicably Waved Off by Referee

One of the more curious calls of the season was witnessed on Saturday in Ipswich.

Wide open out on the break, Caleb Fuller rose and threw down an uncontested windmill against Danum Eagles, only for the official to wave it off and says it didn’t go in.

“This was possibly the most bizarre call I’ve ever seen,” said Ipswich Head Coach Nick Drane.

“We all make mistakes, but this was a very odd one – thank god for it wasn’t a one point game”.

Ipswich would win 106-62 in the Division 2 contest, as Fuller finished with 19 (not including this one, of course).

And just in case you had any doubt it went in.


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