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Haris Memorial Tournament Returns for 10th Year – Lineups & Schedule Announced

The annual Haris Memorial Tournament takes place at the Amaechi Basketball Centre from 27-29 December for its 10th anniversary.

England’s Under-18 Men make another return to the tournament, while the Scotland Under-18s and Turkey’s Under-17 National Team will also be in attendance, with a total of eight teams across Europe and the USA. Proctor Academy, that compete in the renowned New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) conference in the US, will also be in attendance, expected to feature a number of NCAA Division 1 prospects.

Charnwood Academy are also invited after being late replacements for the Tunisia National Team, who were unable to attend due to visa issues.

“We are thrilled with this year’s Haris Tournament line-up for the 10th anniversary,” said Manchester Magic U18 Coach, Peter Paraskeva.

“We believe we have managed to arrange a great mix of National and Club teams from around the world, that we hope it will make for another fantastic Tournament.

“Our Manchester Magic U18 team are really excited to have the opportunity to test themselves against some of the world’s best junior basketball players and gives them a great learning experience of playing against different styles of play.

“We look forward to welcoming all the visiting teams to the Amaechi Basketball Centre for this special occasion, where we pay tribute to Haris Charalambous, one of the top players to come out of the Magic youth programme.


Sligo All Stars (Ireland)
England U18 National Team
Scotland U18 National Team
Escola de Bàsquet Masculí Osona Olost (Osona, Province of Barcelona, Spain)
Proctor Academy (New Hampshire, USA)
Turkey U17 National Team
Charnwood Academy
Manchester Magic U18


Pool A – Turkey U17, Osona, Charnwood Academy and Sligo
Pool B – Proctor Academy, England U18, Scotland U18 and Manchester Magic U18

Sunday 27th December 2015
6:00pm Court 1 (1) Scotland – England; Court 3 (2) Charnwood – Osona
8:00pm Court 1 (3) Magic – Proctor; Court 3 (4) Turkey – Sligo

Monday 28th December 2015
11:00am Court 1 (5) Proctor – England; Court 3 (6) Magic – Scotland
1:00pm Court 1 (7) Charnwood – Turkey; Court 3 (8) Osona – Sligo
4:00pm Court 1 (9) Magic – England; Court 3 (10) Proctor – Scotland
6:00pm Court 1 (11) Turkey – Osona; Court 3 (12) Charnwood – Sligo

Tuesday 29th December 2015
10:00am Court 1 (13) 3rd B – 4th A; Court 3 (14) 3rd A – 4th B
12:00noon Court 1 (15) 1st A – 2nd B; Court 3 (16) 1st B – 2nd A
2:00pm Court 1 (17) Winner 13 – Winner 14 (5th/6th); Court 3 (18) Loser 13 – Loser 14 (7th/8th)
3:45pm Court 1 (19) Loser 15 – Loser 16 (3rd/4th)
5:30pm Court 1 (20) Winner 15 – Winner 16 (1st/2nd)

Haris died suddenly while training with his NCAA Division 1 Toledo University team in October 2006. Haris’ mother, Polly, and his sister, Elena, always attend the Tournament to see some games and present the trophies. Sadly, his father Kypros, also died in July 2010.

Day 1, 27th- £3
Day 2, 28th- £4
Day 3, 29th- £5
3-day pass- £10 when bought in advance either on Day 1 at the door or by calling 0161 881 0090 to reserve

For more information, visit the tournament web page, here.

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