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5’10” Young Hollywood SHUTS DOWN Midnight Madness Dunk Contest!

Midnight Madness Dunk Contest 2012 London

Midnight Madness Dunk Contest 2012 LondonThere are very few dunk contests in the world that, a) have a rep like Midnight Madness’ and b) continue to live up to that rep every single year. Saturday night, after a one year hiatus, they did it again – this time with Haneef Munir, a.k.a Young Hollywood, taking centre stage.

Both famous through their association with Team Flight Brothers, 5’10”, Hollywood ended up going head to head with 6’2″ Dmitry ‘Smoove’ Krivenko of the Ukraine in the final, in what was a two horse race from the start. Some of the dunks were just CRAZY. Young Hollywood getting his head over the rim more than once, and Dmitry Krivenko pulling out his ‘Gameover’ dunk, which sees him flip the ball behind his back/over his head, catch it and put it through the legs. Ridiculous.

Check out every dunk, from every participant, in order that it happened below. Also taking part was Alexander ‘Shal’ Shalygin from Russia, and the UK’s Benji Lawmann and Nathan Schall.

More Midnight Madness Finals night footage coming soon!


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