Introducing...the New Hoopsfix Logo! -

Introducing…the New Hoopsfix Logo!

You may have logged on to the site tonight and seen a slight change – the brand new Hoopsfix logo! With a much more brand-able, iconic and simple feel, the new logo is what we are going to be using moving forward into the future as we look to expand and grow.

Made by my main man Justin Barber, with subtle reference to the English tudor rose, and an ‘H’ intertwined in the ball lining, I think this is the perfect look to progress in the direction I want the site to take.

I knew changing the old one was always going to be controversial; I loved it too, but unfortunately, it became far too limiting.

It Ain’t A Hobby Anymore…

First of all, I think I should make it clear that Hoopsfix isn’t just a side hobby anymore. I have huge aspirations for the site and I genuinely want it to become one of the biggest and most well known basketball brands on the planet. Though I started it two years ago as purely a british basketball website, I want to move away from being known as a “british” basketball website and become known as just a “basketball” website and brand.

That is not to say there’s not going to be UK coverage on here anymore, or that it’s not going to be the focus of what I’m doing, but it gives me the flexibility to do other things and really branch out. I feel like I’ve reached a ceiling at this point and am being boxed in by being labelled and branded as “UK hoops site”.

With that in mind here are a few things that factored into my decision:

1) Small Sizes

Behind the scenes we are working on clothing and have been for a long time. The old logo just didn’t work at small sizes because there was so much detail on it. It was impossible to make out as a small mark on the back of a t-shirt or on the bottom of shorts. I wanted a shape that was instantly recognisable from far away and simple enough to make out what it is.

2) Red, White, and Blue

The Union Jack causes a lot of problems. Unlike most logos where you can simply change the colour of it depending on what colour it was being printed on, you simply can’t change the colour of the Union Jack without it looking wrong (we tried!). Going back to clothing, this causes a lot of problems. To have a yellow t-shirt emblazoned with a red, white, blue, and black logo gets messy. This new logo we can switch to any colour we need depending on the colourway, or wherever else it is appearing!

3) Messaging

Sticking with the Union Jack – it is too British. As the site has grown we’ve started putting more international stuff on here. At the beginning of this month as you know I travelled out to Italy for adidas EUROCAMP – this isn’t the last trip I plan on doing like this, in fact, it is the first of many. To produce a mixtape of a player such as Evan Fournier (who is from France) with a Union Jack logo all over it doesn’t make sense. The messaging is wrong. With the current logo it provides the flexibility I need to do that kind of stuff.

I hope this all makes sense. Trust me, I’m genuinely sad to see the old logo go – it has served us well, but it had to be done if I’m really going to blow this thing up like I want to!

Expect a lot more in the coming months, including some pretty sick clothing that I hope everyone will want to rep!

Please let me know what you think in the comments (whether it be about the logo, or anything else you’d like to see more/less of!), would love to hear from you, and thank you so much for all the support you have given me and the site so far. This is just the beginning.

(If you’d prefer to comment privately, feel free to email me on sam(@)


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