Scotland Impress, Disappointment for England, Cherbourg International Basketball Tournament Results 2010 -

Scotland Impress, Disappointment for England, Cherbourg International Basketball Tournament Results 2010

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Scotland impressed in Cherbourg

England returned disappointed from Cherbourg’s International Junior Basketball Tournament yesterday, with a 6th place overall finish (out of 8). The better news though, is that both the other British teams entered did considerably better, with Scotland finishing in an impressive 3rd and Manchester in 4th place respectively.

Overrall Standings

Austria 1st Place
Tunisia 2nd Place
Scotland 3rd Place
Manchester 4th Place
Switzerland 5th Place
England 6th Place

The Cherbourg “Meilleur Cinq du Tournoi” (All Tournament Team)

Omar Apada (Tunisia)
Lee Reilly (Scotland)
Sofiane Mrad (Tunisia)
Carlos Novas Matteo (Austria)
Alisdair Frasier (Scotland)

Three Point Champion
Dario Kulodrovic (Switzerland)

Dunk Champion

Sofiane Mrad (Tunisia)

British Teams Full Scores

Day 1
England lost to Austria 69-66
(England top scorers-John Stewart 12, Louis Sayers 11, Teddy Okereafor 10)
Scotland beat Manchester 49-39

Day 2 A.M.
England beat Cherbourg 72-35
(England top scorers-Steve Vaughan 21, Harrison Gamble 11, Rema Lascelles 10, Teddy Okereafor 10)
Scotland beat Portugal 56-49
Manchester beat Switzerland 55-44

Day 2 P.M.
Manchester beat Portugal 54-48
Scotland lost to Switzerland 49-46
England lost to Tunisia 56-50
(England top scorers-Eliandro Inacio 15, Teddy Okereafor, 12)

Day 3
Tunisia beat Manchester 50-48 (semi final)
Austria beat Scotland 60-52 (semi final)
Scotland beat Manchester 49-31 (3rd and 4th place)
England lost to Switzerland 57-47 (5th and 6th place)
(England top scorers-Harrison Gamble 11, Louis Sayer 8)

Random Thoughts

  • A disappointing tournament for England Under 18’s (’92 born) in my opinion, not necessarily in their overall standing, but comparatively, finishing below a British club side in Manchester, and the Scottish side (Scotland’s population is 5million, and as far as I’m aware has a similar basketball setup to England).
  • Should be noted that Manchester’s roster had a number of ’91 born players (4). All other teams were 1992 born or younger.
  • Should also be noted I think England were using this more as part of the squad selection process.
  • Nice to see two Scots (Lee Reilly and Alisdair Frasier) making the all tournament team.
  • You can read England Basketball’s report here.
  • If you’ve forgotten, check out the full roster for the England team.
  • Good to see John Stewart leading the England team against Austria (despite the loss), I was impressed with him a couple of months ago as he won the MVP whilst leading the Sharks to the U18 Cup, expect some video in the near future.
  • Will see if I can get my hands on full box scores.


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