Marc Steutel officially appointed GB Head Coach, Clark named GM -

Marc Steutel officially appointed GB Head Coach, Clark named GM

Dan Clark Marc Steutel

The British Basketball Federation (BBF) has confirmed the appointments of Marc Steutel and Dan Clark to the roles of GB Senior Men’s Team Head Coach and General Manager, respectively.

The appointments were confirmed after a ‘collaborative recruitment process including representatives from the BBF and the Home Country Associations’, said the BBF.

The Newcastle Eagles’ Marc Steutel is officially appointed after four years where he has essentially been in the role with former Head Coach Nate Reinking regularly unavailable due to NBA commitments – he stepped down in June.

Meanwhile, Clark – who is GM of the Surrey Scorchers – has also been in the GB GM role, but had to re-apply for the permanent position.

Both Steutel and Clark already have a history of success when working together, with Clark having played under Steutel in the latter stages of his GB career and both having worked together for the National Team in the early stages of Clark’s transition to the front office post-retirement.

“I am absolutely thrilled and delighted to be appointed the permanent Head Coach of the Great Britain Senior Men’s Team.” Marc Steutel said.

“Since I’ve been involved in National Team programmes from the Under-16s to the Seniors, I’ve always taken pride in serving Great Britain and ensuring I try to leave the programme in a better place each time I have some involvement.

“I’ve been so fortunate to work with some exceptional people, both players and staff alike, and I’m exceptionally excited to continue to work with people who represent the National Team in the right way, who care about British Basketball, and who believe in the ability within our game.

“I’m really excited to continue that journey and thankful I’ve been trusted with this position, which comes with great responsibility, and it is something that I am welcoming the challenge to try and build towards our future with a great group of players and staff.”

Newly-appointed Men’s National Team General Manager Dan Clark commented:

“I’m extremely happy to have been appointed to this role. Having been part of the Great Britain programme as a player from the age of 13 all the way through my professional career, including this last year on the ‘other side of the line’, these have been the most enjoyable times of my career.

“I have no doubt that the next cycle until EuroBasket 2025 will continue in that manner. Playing for GB and being a part of the programme has always been one of the proudest parts of my career, so to be a part of it again moving forward, planning and building something for the future to leave GB in a better place, that’s very exciting and the main goal for me.

“Our first target is to qualify for and be successful at EuroBasket 2025, but beyond that we also want to build a culture and structure that is sustainable and beneficial for everyone involved, from players to staff to management. I’m sure the next two years will bring a lot of joy and excitement to British Basketball as a whole.”

Attention will now turn to appointing the remainder of the coaching and performance staff, with more information regarding role specification and application timelines to be shared in due course by the BBF.

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