BBL wants to 'set right foundation' before bringing in new franchises -

BBL wants to ‘set right foundation’ before bringing in new franchises

Aaron Radin BBL Sports Pro Media

The BBL is intent on setting the right foundation before bringing in new franchises, the league’s CEO has said.

Speaking at SportsPro Live, Aaron Radin said they are batting away interest from potential new franchisees, naming Birmingham, Cardiff, Dublin, Belfast, Leeds and Liverpool as candidates, but wants the foundations laid to give any new clubs the best opportunity for success.

“There’s not almost a day that goes by that I don’t get calls about ‘we want to put a team in Birmingham, in Cardiff, in Dublin, in Belfast, in Leeds, in Liverpool,” said Radin.

“So there’s interest for sure, which is fantastic. [We need] to set the right foundation so that when those clubs come online, they have the foundation to be successful.

“I’m hoping that comes sooner rather than later. I’m very impatient in that regard. But we want to have that foundation in place and we already know that there’s demand.”

The BBL currently has ten clubs; nine in England, and one in Scotland and expansion has been a hot topic since 777 Partners invested £7million into the league at the end of 2021.

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