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Taking the helm of the BBL as CEO – with Aaron Radin – Ep. 112

For episode 112 of the Hoopsfix Podcast, we sit down with recently named CEO of the BBL, Aaron Radin.

Announced last week as the new face and boss of the league, the American joins the league after a 30-year professional career where he has held senior level positions at a multitude of sports, media and tech organisations such as the NBA, The Walt Disney Company, NBCUniversal and most recently, Meta.

He joins the league almost exactly a year since 777 Partners announced a £7million investment into the BBL.

In this hour long conversation we go into his vision for the league and his new role, and what his hopes and plans are for the future of the BBL.


2:37 Interview start
2:53 Aaron background
9:13 How the opportunity arose for the BBL CEO role
13:39 Working out immediate priorities
18:45 What goes into producing a world-class broadcast
22:11 How much more investment is required to get the BBL to level desired
25:24 The importance of technology and systems
26:45 How important a TV broadcast deal is
33:03 Where the figure 70% of audience is 13-34 is from
36:07 Content versus product
38:20 How many staff the BBL office currently has and how many they are trying to get to
43:22 Organisational structure and who the CEO reports to
44:06 Managing the 777 conflict of interest as owner of London Lions and the league
46:07 How many franchises the BBL could support and how many he’d like to see
48:26 The biggest drivers of revenue for the business moving forward
49:48 Balance between British and American import talent
54:03 How to develop fandom in British fans
1:01:28 Disparity between franchises and how to minimise its impact
1:05:06 How revenue sharing would work
1:05:47 What does success look like for the BBL

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