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What happened to the London 2012 Olympics basketball legacy? Ep. 100

For Episode 100 of the Hoopsfix podcast, we do a deep dive into the London 2012 Olympic legacy, interviewing 8 different people who were in and around the British basketball programme.

We wanted to do something a little bit different for hitting the century mark and after a suggestion on Twitter from @auld_jethart to look at the Olympic legacy, we jumped on it.

There were plans to interview a lot more people – but already reaching just short of 3 hours, we figured release this is as a part one with a potential part two to come if people want to see it.

The eight people interviewed for this Olympic legacy special were Ron Wuotila, Head of Operations for British Basketball amongst other roles, Dan Clark, current GB co-captain and Olympian, Tim Lewis, GB assistant coach at the London 2012 Olympics, Phil Waghorn, GB Senior Men’s Team Manager, Tony Garbelotto, GB assistant coach in the run up to London 2012, Warwick Cann, GB’s Pathways Performance Co-Ordinator, Mark Clark, the GB Senior Women’s coach from 2006-2009, and Mark Woods, the UK’s leading basketball journalist who covered (and continues to cover) GB pre and post London 2012.


00:00 Intro
03:41 Ron Wuotila
19:05 Dan Clark
35:37 Tim Lewis
51:51 Phil Waghorn
1:18:28 Tony Garbelotto
1:39:37 Warwick Cann
2:00:43 Mark Clark
2:24:31 Mark Woods

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