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Turning pro during a pandemic – with Akwasi Yeboah – Ep. 85

For Episode 85 of the Hoopsfix podcast, we sit down with first year pro and GB Senior international Akwasi Yeboah.

Currently plying his trade with Saint Quentin in France’s Pro B for his rookie year, Yeboah is coming off a hugely successful college career, where he played at Stony Brook before becoming a grad-transfer to Rutgers.

He is one of the few Brits to score over 1600 points during his college career, made multiple-all conference teams, and also led the 2017 GB Under-20 side to Division A promotion whilst earning All-Star five honours.

Yeboah was part of the ‘comeback kids’ Barking Abbey side that won the 2015 NBL Division 1 Men’s title with a squad that consisted of just one player over 19.

Due to COVID-19, Yeboah missed out on his opportunity to play in the 2020 NCAA Tournament (which was cancelled) and subsequently increase his ‘stock’ for the pros, and has navigated turning pro during a challenging time for basketball globally.

In this 1 hour and 20 minute pod we discuss Akwasi’s journey so far and how he is finding pro life.

Time stamps:
00:00 Intro
02:37 Interview start
03:01 Transitioning to pro life
04:03 Whether there is more pressure now he’s a pro
04:40 How COVID-19 has affected the basketball in France
07:24 The lockdown in France and how it’s impacting the league
08:46 Whether COVID-19 impacted the decision on where he signed
10:43 How COVID-19 has impacted Akwasi’s opportunities
12:05 What it felt like to sign his rookie contract
13:21 Whether there are any surprises about being a pro basketball player
14:52 What Akwasi does with his down time
15:26 What a day in the life looks like
16:58 How his French is coming on
17:33 Akwasi’s early years in Ghana and why he moved to the UK aged 9
19:18 Getting punished with a cain in Ghana
21:20 How much his brother Kwame influenced his playing
23:16 Playing for London Spartans, Brentwood Fire and NASSA
24:04 The stacked NASSA junior side that were a year up from Akwasi
26:06 Now playing on the GB Senior squad with guys he looked up
26:39 His first junior national team experience
27:17 Not getting selected for the England Under-18s
28:15 The point he realised he could be a professional player
29:38 His first year at Barking Abbey and transitioning to an academy
30:56 The jump in his development from his first year to second year at BA
32:32 The group he was with at BA and how much that pushed him
34:02 The NBL Division 1 run with BA and getting his only D1 scholarship offer at the back of it
37:22 Whether he always maintained the faith he could play at NCAA Division 1 level
38:20 If there was any hesitation to sign with Stony Brook immediately
38:48 The herd mentality when it comes to recruiting
39:25 The transition to the US
40:06 Putting on weight in his Freshman year
40:43 The decision to redshirt his first year at Stony Brook
42:19 The team making the NCAA tournament in his redshirt year
43:57 Whether the level of provision and facilities at D1 schools become normalised after a period of time
45:31 Whether college sports in the states has a higher level of provision than the pros
46:19 If redshirting made it hard to know whether his skills would transfer to games
48:04 The coach that recruited him leaving after his redshirt year
50:13 Hitting the rookie wall in his Freshman year
51:06 Not having the option to transfer even if he wanted to
51:48 Being named All-Rookie conference team in his Freshman year
52:37 His year by year progress in his college career
53:42 Looking back on his 3 years at Stony Brook and the standout memories
55:42 When he started thinking about the pros
56:26 Whether being a grad-transfer and getting his masters was in his head when he initially redshirted
57:20 When he knew he was going to transfer
58:04 The recruiting process from schools to be a grad-transfer
59:29 Whether he always knew Rutgers were going to be the likely choice
1:00:30 The differences between mid-major and high-major level at college
1:01:40 Whether anyone ever torched him in the Big 10
1:02:16 The best player he personally guarded
1:02:59 Playing against NBA talent and seeing it up close
1:03:54 His season at Rutgers
1:05:58 The difference between Rutgers and Stony Brook off court
1:07:03 Missing out on the NCAA tournament and being nationally ranked
1:08:15 Playing for Junior national team and whether it helps with his development
1:09:15 Whether having knowledge of the international game gives him an edge in college
1:10:06 Deciding which agent to sign for when it came to turning pro
1:12:06 How he is approaching his rookie year
1:13:11 Whether playing in the BBL is on his radar at all
1:15:05 Best British junior player he’s seen
1:16:29 Best coach he’s played for
1:17:18 His favourite basketball memory
1:17:42 Where he wants to be in the next 3-5 years

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