The 450 Club, Part 2 - Deng & Pops | Ep. 5 -

The 450 Club, Part 2 – Deng & Pops | Ep. 5

Whilst the world is locked down during the coronavirus pandemic, two British basketball stars, Luol Deng and Pops Mensah-Bonsu, have been recording a series of live discussions, hosted on Instagram Live, and with their permission we are reposting to the Hoopsfix Podcast feed.

In Episode 5, aired on April 10th 2020, they did a part two on life in the pros, predominantly answering questions from fans.

Here from the pair on:

  • Pops dealing with being cut from teams and how much it hurt in his early career
  • How Pops was protesting the NBA when first getting to Italy, refusing to wear any NBA branded clothing
  • Luol processing being traded and how much it hurt after feeling he had given so much to Chicago
  • Luol Deng addressing the racist situation with the Atlanta Hawks’ Danny Ferry and how he approached it
  • Advice they would have for someone trying to get their young children into basketball
  • The role of mentorship and who has provided guidance to both Luol and Pops
  • Pops’ experience in the G-League and how he got called up by the Bulls and almost played with Luol
  • Both of their experience of racism playing in Europe
  • The mismanagement of Luol’s spinal tap by medical staff and how it put his life in jeopardy
  • How Chicago gave Luol two days to accept a contract offer mid-season, he didn’t want to be rushed into it (having tried to re-sign in the off-season prior to the season) and ended up getting traded
  • What happened with Luol with the LA Lakers, who had originally said they wanted to be a playoff team when he signed before they changed direction to tank
  • Luol staying professional in LA, working out and staying ready despite being stuck to the bench
  • Pops being released from Toronto and what he had tweeted on the night he could become a free agent
  • Pops’ situation in Russia with CSKA Moscow – where it was the most money he had earned as a professional athlete – who wouldn’t play him consistent minutes or release him to NBA teams
  • If any situations in their careers had caused them to want to quit basketball
  • What they did in their careers to look after their bodies and perform optimally
  • The time Luol’s Bulls matched up with Pops’ Raptors, and Pops went off – unfortunately Lu wasn’t playing
  • And much, much more!
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