BBL All-Star Game 2000 - Condensed Highlights -

BBL All-Star Game 2000 – Condensed Highlights

Take a look at the highlights from the 2000 British Basketball League All-Star game as teams from the North and South faced off in a duel in Manchester.

Cypheus Bunton took home MVP honours, whilst Nate Reinking knocked down 8 three-pointers in the game that saw all players enter on the back of motorbikes and stretch limos – some serious game-day presentation!

The rosters for both teams are as follows:

Malcolm Leak, Ted Berry, Tony Dorsey, Darrian Evan, Purnell Perry, Terrell Myers, Nate Reinking, James Hamilton, Roy Hairston, Cypheus Bunton, Ralph Blalock, John McCord. Coached by Nick Nurse

Eric Burks, Shawn Jamison, Casey Arena, Danny Lewis, Greg Meldrum, Donnie Johnson, Nigel Lloyd, Brandon Brantley, Steve Bucknall, Tony Windless, Charles Claton. Coached by Mike Finger

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