How Great Britain Senior Men Can Still Advance in the FIBA World Cup 2019 Qualifiers -

How Great Britain Senior Men Can Still Advance in the FIBA World Cup 2019 Qualifiers

Four defeats from four have left GB’s Senior Men facing early elimination in their bid to qualify for the 2019 FIBA World Cup.

GB find themselves in a precarious position ahead of the final window where they host Estonia and Israel over a long weekend at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow with Kieron Achara set to win his 100th cap.

Only victories in both will give GB any chance of securing one of the three spots to advance to the Second Round, but they must also rely on Greece. Failure to win both games would leave GB in fourth spot and having to enter the Second Round of the Pre-Qualifiers for EuroBasket 2021.

The margin of victory could also prove crucial if GB can better the margin of defeats already suffered against Estonia and Israel.

In the first window in November, Estonia edged out a 73-70 success in Tallinn, while Israel prevailed 82-75 in Tel-Aviv earlier this year, in February.

An eight-point win over Israel or a four-point win over Estonia would be enough to advance – providing GB won BOTH games – as long as whoever they beat also lose against Greece – thus eliminating a three-way tie possibility.

However, if GB and Greece both won twice in the final window then that would leave Alberto Lorenzo’s side in a three-way tie on 2-4 alongside Estonia and Israel.

Currently, the head-to-head is as follows:

Israel 2-1 (+11)
Estonia 2-1 (-1)
GB 0-2 (-10)

In this case, GB would likely advance as their head-to-head points difference will improve based on the two necessary victories, though could still miss out if both were narrow margins.

An ideal scenario next Friday would be Israel beating Greece and GB beating Estonia by at least four points meaning that victory over Israel would guarantee qualification – providing Estonia did not defeat Greece.

It’s worth noting that results carry through to the Second Round so at best GB will start 2-4, though heavy victories would boost their points difference before potential games against Germany, Serbia and Georgia (the current top 3 in Group G).

GB face Estonia next Friday before taking on Israel on Monday with both games tipping at 7:30pm.

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