Hungary Supporters Accused of Racist Chants, FIBA Investigating -

Hungary Supporters Accused of Racist Chants, FIBA Investigating

Hungary’s victory over GB at the Copper Box Arena in London on Saturday has been marred with claims of racist chants and threatening behaviour from the visiting supporters.

[Editor’s update] GB released a short statement via Twitter on Monday confirming that FIBA are looking into the matter.

“The issues regarding fan behaviour at Saturday’s game are being investigated by both FIBA and the Police,” it read.

“We will issue a full statement once investigations are complete.”

As was the case when Macedonia came to town, GB’s opponents were well supported with vocal chants in native tongue throughout the game.

However, while it appeared from the front row of the press area that there was nothing untowards in the actions of the rowdy supporters, further eye-witness accounts emerged on social media following the game.

Media were in fact warned – midway through the third period – of coins being thrown by the Hungarian fans located behind the press area and were later advised to ‘vacate the area’ minutes before the end of the game.

Around 20 police officers arrived at the arena after being called as a precaution and waited in the main lobby until the final buzzer when five officers marched in to prevent the fans from rushing the court.

The Hungarian players went over to congratulate their supporters and fans joined in a mass huddle to celebrate their team being on the verge of qualifying for EuroBasket for the first time since 1999.

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