Matthew Bryan-Amaning Signs in Argentina with San Lorenzo -

Matthew Bryan-Amaning Signs in Argentina with San Lorenzo

Matthew Bryan-Amaning is heading to Argentina after joining San Lorenzo for the remainder of the current season.

Last year, MBA moved to the Dominican Republic following the conclusion of the season in Mexico and picked up Defensive Player of the Year honours at Santo Domingo.

And, the 27-year-old is now looking forward to his next Latin American challenge in Liga A.

“I’m happy about signing in Argentina and helping a good organisation fight for another Championship,” he told Hoopsfix.

“The team had been following me all season and they had been waiting for the Mexican league to finish so they could offer me a job to help them claim a Championship.”

San Lorenzo are third in the South Conference of the LNA with a 29-23 record and finish the regular season this month ahead of the playoffs. Bryan-Amaning is looking to use the final few games of the campaign to settle ahead of the post-season.

“I believe I will use the last three or four games of the regular season to get acclimated into the team before the playoffs start,” he said.

Bryan-Amaning just completed a full season in Mexico and finished with averages of 17.3 points per game along with 6.5 rebounds in 57 appearances. Soles ended the season with a 4-3 defeat in the LNBP Finals.

“As a whole, my season was successful in Mexico,” he reflected.

“Statistically I performed at a high level with reduced minutes due to having a better overall team.

“And even though, winning four games in a seven game series but on paper not winning the Championship is frustrating, I’m proud of all my team-mates for still going out and competing.”

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