Governing Body Announces Full Rebrand to Basketball England -

Governing Body Announces Full Rebrand to Basketball England

The governing body for basketball in England will no longer be known as England Basketball, after announcing a full rebrand on Tuesday morning, seeing the organisation now known as Basketball England, with a new logo and website.

The move “in order to better engage with the player audience of the sport”, provides the sport with a fresh look and is a major move by new CEO Huw Morgan, who took the helm in November 2013.

In the official statement on their website, Basketball England said:

“Basketball England aims to drive a significant transition for both the organisation and the sport of basketball; a period of transformation that will deliver the most considerable change basketball in England has ever seen to grow the sport, and to improve the quality of the talent being produced.

“This exciting change is part one of a strategy to increase participation of basketball. Over the last twelve months Basketball England has been working closely with industry partners such as Sport England to produce a clear and current framework of the basketball playing market, creating insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by the sport, the key drivers for growth and indications of where Basketball England and other basketball organisations can make the most impact to help people play basketball.

“The research commissioned has cemented the general view across the sport that education and the transition out of education plays a fundamental role in basketball participation. One of the key challenges for increasing the number of people playing is the identification of ways to make it easier for young people to continue enjoying playing basketball once they leave education. It is hoped the new and improved Basketball England can use their fresh branding, alongside new operational procedures to better engage with these people, and inform them of opportunities to stay within the sport.”

“Huw Morgan, Chief Executive for Basketball England commented: “This is a fantastic opportunity to grow the sport in England and increase participation. We are really proud of the new branding and are confident we can use it as a springboard to put basketball on the map in team sport in England and give it the recognition it deserves. We are working hard with Sport England’s support to better understand the market, what people want and how we as the national governing body can deliver this.”

“Basketball England will be focusing investment on creating better links between education based experience and the transition for young people interested in playing basketball in a format of the sport they wish to pursue, be it informal play, recreational or fun activities, a structured team environment or elite level participation. This will be facilitated through creating coaches, officials and clubs at every level, from primary school teachers right up to the national squad and club competitions.”



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