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Hoopsfix Podcast Ep.2: Interview with Ed Scott, Chief Operations Officer of the Euroleague

It has been a long time since the first ever Hoopsfix podcast episode, and finally, after a good 6 months, here is Episode 2!

Unfortunately, the production values are still lacking a little bit and require fine tuning (Ed’s audio is a little quiet, so you may need to turn it up), but I will get there eventually!

I got the chance to set up a Skype interview with the Chief Operations Officer of the Euroleague, Ed Scott (pictured, above), who also happens to have strong UK ties. We spoke about everything, ranging from the Euroleague’s perception of basketball in the UK, the barriers to getting a franchise here, all the way to how he ended up in his position!

In this episode, hear from Ed on:

  • How a Crawley born, half-Scott, half-Catalan, ended up as the COO of the Euroleague
  • How the Euroleague felt the Final Fours in London went and why they made the decision not to return
  • The barriers the Euroleague has faced in penetrating the UK basketball market
  • What needs to happen for the media in the UK to start taking notice of basketball
  • Why he wants to see more players look to Europe rather than the US
  • What message he would give to British basketball fans

As always, I’d love to get your feedback (again, apologies about the audio recording quality), come back after you’ve listened and lets get some discussion going in the comments.

The show has been approved on iTunes – find it here and please subscribe to automatically receive new episodes straight to your phone/computer/tablet (ignore the BBC 5 Live podcast it has automatically pulled in on iTunes, I’m working on getting it removed)!

Without further ado, Episode 2:



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