Deng Remains Out After Complications with Spinal Tap -

Deng Remains Out After Complications with Spinal Tap

Chicago Bulls and GB star Luol Deng remains out of the playoffs after suffering complications with a spinal tap test for suspected viral meningitis last week.

Deng has now missed three games for the Bulls, including their series opening win over Miami last night which he watched from his hospital bed, after being re-admitted to ER on Sunday.

The Chicago Tribune reports the spinal tap for viral meningitis came back negative, but caused complications that led to Deng needing “a “blood patch” to stop spinal fluid leakage which was leading to intense migraine headaches and disorientation.

Luol took to Instagram after the Game 1 victory over the Heat to post the above picture and said:

“So proud of my team man, this bed might be good luck after all. #SeeRed #Holdat.”

It remains unclear exactly what the ongoing issues are (this Miami Heat reporter takes a stab at it), however, before the gravity of the situation became clear, he was being labelled as having flu; Deng took to his personal Twitter account to set the record straight.

“It really upsets me that everyone thinks I would miss a game bc (because) of the flu,” he tweeted. “I’ve played a lot of games w (with) the flu in my career.

“On Wed (Wednesday) I was taken to the ER and my symptoms indicated I may have meningitis In order to play on Thurs I was required to undergo a spinal tap.

“As a result of the spinal tap I suffered the worst headache I’ve ever experienced and been the weakest I’ve ever felt.

“Yesterday I was unable to walk or even get out of bed. I made it to the UC (United Center) and was sent home. This morning my symptoms worsened. Now I’m back in the ER where I may have to spend the night… I want my teammates and Bulls fans to know I would NEVER miss a game bc (because) of flu.

“If I’m medically cleared I will fly to NY to be with my team and try to win game 7.”

Deng, one of the NBA’s iron men, led the league in minutes per game this season, at 38.7 per outing, and continued that in the post-season where through five games that increased to 44.8. The 6’9″ forward, who played for GB through the Olympics last summer with torn ligaments in his left wrist, will no doubt be back on the court as soon as he is physically able to do so.

More important than the Chicago Bulls’ post-season run is his long term health – Hoopsfix wants to wish him all the best with his recovery!

Image Credit: Luol Deng’s Instagram


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