Video: Ed Lucas Tearing Up Midnight Madness & Famfest -

Video: Ed Lucas Tearing Up Midnight Madness & Famfest

Ed Lucas (1993 born) may just be the best “under-the-radar” prospect in the UK right now. Despite having lived here most his life (he moved here when he was 3 or 4), he’s never represented internationally because he holds a Portugese passport (that may change in the near future though as he tries to get his British citizenship sorted).

Having started balling when he was 7 years old competing against his brother, Ed has been around the London circuit a while, having represented Kingston Wildcats, London Towers, Brixton and Westminster (as well as appearances in Surrey Local league).

At the end of 2008, Ed ended up out in Orlando, Florida, to attend Dr. Phillip’s High School for his sophomore year. However, because of his late arrival he couldn’t suit up. Instead playing AAU and YBOA for Central Florida Bobcats in the summer of ’09, Ed turned heads, starting at guard and averaging around 30 ppg, 6 apg and 5 rpg.

The following season he ended up transferring to Heritage Prep where he averaged 24ppg 8apg 3rpg before returning to play AAU with the Central Florida Bobcats averaging an impressive 32ppg 4apg 5rpg and beginning to garner interest from some colleges.

The American dream temporarily stopped there, as due to personal reasons he had to return to England in the summer of 2010. Showing up at Midnight Madness as a relative unknown, he straight up dominated the competition which is where most of this footage is from (as well as some stuff from this year’s Famfest). He ended up playing with Westminster U18s for the 2010/11 season, dominating the competition as he averaged around 34, 3 and 4 a game.

This season, he is still with Westminster, straight up tearing up Division 1 as he represents the men’s side. Being amongst the league’s leading scorers (in fact, he just just dropped 40 yesterday on Worthing), he is one of the smoothest guards in the country.

As a close friend said to me recently; he’s one of the few British guys I’d pay good money to watch. Make sure you check him out this season, most definitely one to keep an eye on.

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