Video: Guy Dupuy Gets Dunked on by Kenneth Saunders -

Video: Guy Dupuy Gets Dunked on by Kenneth Saunders

At some point or another, every dunker in the world ends up on the wrong side of one of the plays they are usually dishing out. Shaq got done by Coleman, Dwight Howard was served a huge one up by Kobe, MJ got done by Starks, even Lebron is confiscating tape of him getting victimised at his own camp.

So, it wouldn’t be long before Guy Dupuy of Team Flight Brothers, arguably the best dunker of the best dunkers in the world, had his day. And boy did he have it. First game of the BBL season, Milton Keynes Lions vs Worcester Wolves, Kenneth Saunders, Guard/Forward of Worcester Wolves was the man who from this day forward will be known as “the dude that dunked on Guy Dupuy of TFB”. Granted, it was after the whistle, but it’s something that no-one can ever take away from Kenny ‘Skywalker’ Saunders and definitely a story he will be telling for a loong time…

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If you’re interested in more high flying action from Kenny Saunders, check out this video on Youtube with his highlights from last season in the Swiss league.

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