Video: Midnight Madness Milton Keynes Qualifier -

Video: Midnight Madness Milton Keynes Qualifier

Second event of the Midnight Madness 2009 Summer Tour went down at the Bletchley Leisure Centre just outside of Milton Keynes on Sunday 19th July. Again, a high calibre of players showed up. Shout outs to-Under 18’s- Brendan Okoronkwo (who for some reason only ended up with one highlight in this video-Brendan, I’ma hook you up at a later date!), Kieran Luke (who unfortunately did most of his damage in the Show & Prove which I wasn’t filming), Eliandro Inacio (beastin’) and Amon Brown who had another strong showing. Under 23s were led by Darrell Bethune who bought some anklebreakin and dunkin’ action, Dave Ajumobi who is always more than solid and Bode Adeluola who bought his big mouth (jus playin’ with ya Bode!) and some serious handle.

Check the vid, and as always, drop a comment below!


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